A Purchase Guide to Essential Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

Starting your fitness journey and building your home gym can seem daunting, but fear not! As your great fitness advisor, MERACH is here to guide you through the exciting world of home exercise equipment! 

In this beginner's guide, we'll cover:
1. How to choose the equipment that perfectly matches your goals, space, and budget.
2. The top 5 essential workout machines to kickstart your fitness routine.

Read on for all the tips and information to confidently build your ideal starter home gym! 

How to Choose the Perfect Fitness Equipment for You

Before you jump into buying fancy equipment, get strategic: choose the fitness tools based on your specific goals, budget, and space, and keep these factors in mind:

1. Specific to Your Fitness Goals

Identify your fitness goals first. Do you want to slim down? Build strength? Train for a sport? Different objectives require different home exercise equipment. You need to identify your goals and select the right exercise equipment that helps you reach them.

For example, cardio machines like spin bikes and treadmills are great for weight loss. If you love strength training, adjustable dumbbells can be very useful. That is to say, before shopping fitness items, one of the foremost things is to carefully plan your routines so you can choose the specific products you need.

2. Aligns with Your Budget

Next, set a firm budget for your home gym and stick to it. There are various options for every pocket! You can find high-quality products that fit your budget without compromising features if you shop smart.

3. Fits Your Space

Consider your available space before buying items. Will you dedicate a corner for a full-fledged workout station, or do you need compact equipment that blends seamlessly into your home? To perfectly complement your home workout space, it is significant to take precise measurements before buying anything. 

If you prefer space-saving equipment, focus on some compact and multi-functional machines that offer great workouts in small footprints. Items like foldable treadmills, rowers, and adjustable dumbbells can help you save valuable space.

Top 5 Essential Machines for Beginners

Ready to pick your starter equipment? We have broken down the top five beginner-friendly options from MERACH to equip your home gym, catering to your specific goals, budget, and space.

1. Spin Bike - MERACH S26 Exercise Bike

If you prefer to kickstart your health journey with indoor cycling in 2024, consider this starter-friendly MERACH S26 Exercise Bike, an ideal choice to keep you comfortable and motivated! 

MERACH S26 Exercise BikeStarter-Friendly Exercise Bike

The super-padded seat and dual handles of this bike, praised by fitness YouTuber Victoria Dorsano, provide exceptional comfort during your workouts, letting you focus on refining your form and gradually building your endurance. 

For beginners, staying motivated can be challenging, but the MERACH S26 Exercise Bike turns the fitness journey into a joyride. Hop on this bike and join in the “Online Sports” cycling classes in the MERACH app, you will be inspired to spin with fellow cyclists worldwide for a fun and interactive riding experience! After each session, the app even generates a leaderboard so you can see your rank and feel the excitement of friendly competition.

Therefore, fitness beginners can effectively develop an enjoyable and sustainable spinning habit with this comfortable bike and engaging online classes. 

2. Water Rower - MERACH 950 Dual Resistance Rower 

Rowing is an excellent way to increase your fitness level. Not only is it an incredible cardiovascular workout, but when done correctly, it engages nearly 85% of your muscles in one fluid motion. As you row, your upper body, lower body, and core are heavily involved. Want a full-body rowing machine that's fun and easy to use? The MERACH 950 Dual Resistance Rower is your answer! 

MERACH 950 Dual Resistance RowerFoldable Fitness, Full-Body Workout

Ease of use is out of the box. The "sweetie" MERACH 950 Rower comes nearly fully assembled so you don't have to worry about tedious assembly. All you need to set up is just the tablet/phone holder. To deeply ease your rowing, the rower was equipped with a nice LCD screen on the adjusting knob so you can simply spin the whole unit clockwise/counterclockwise to select things (like resistance or what stat you’re viewing) and then press it to confirm your choice. When folded up, this rower is fairly compact footprint-wise, taking up just over 15 inches in depth and width, and just over 4 feet tall. You can easily store it in a closet or near your television.

If you’re not that acknowledge about the correct postures of rowing, we’ve offered a variety of on-demand rowing classes in the MERACH app, ensuring you row in the right way as our professional trainer leads. Plus, there are also plenty of virtual scenic rowing courses in the MERACH app, with which you’ll feel like natural rowing on the water as you can hear the water sound from the machine and a vivid rowing sound from the video simultaneously. 

3. Under-Desk Bike - MERACH S04 Mini Under-Desk Bike

As we all know, sitting for long periods takes a toll on our health. The MERACH S04 Mini Under-Desk Bike solves that problem! The MERACH S04 Under-Desk Bike keeps your legs moving and blood pumping while you seamlessly multitask, catching up on emails, reading a book, or enjoying Netflix on the couch. 

MERACH S04 Under-Desk BikeBest Under-Desk Bike

This user-friendly bike is also praised by Women's Health magazine as the "Best Under-Desk Bike". Victoria, one of the editors of Women’s Health Magazine, thought it a useful workout tool for fitness beginners because it's affordable (under $150), easy to transport, and helpful to keep their blood going in the office. 

4. Adjustable Dumbbells - MERACH 3-in-1 Dumbbell Set

Starting strength training as a fitness beginner can be intimidating, but the MERACH 3-in-1 Dumbbell Set takes the fear out of it. It is your ultimate strength training solution! 

MERACH 3-in-1 Dumbbell SetYour Ultimate Strength Training Solution

With a wide range of weight options (4-54 pounds), you can start light and gradually increase intensity as you get stronger. More surprisingly, the set is so versatile that you are able to easily transition between a kettlebell, a barbell, and a dumbbell– just drop the dumbbell in its case, select your desired weight, lift, and voilà! Another bonus point is that it makes you target different muscle groups with a single piece of equipment, certainly saving you time and money! 

5. Massage Gun - MERACH 9D Mini Massage Gun

Lastly, a massage gun is vital for recovering tired muscles after working out at home. Our top pick is the MERACH 9D Mini Massage Gun

MERACH 9D Mini Massage GunYour Great Go-to Recovery Companion

Quiet and handy, this massage gun is a powerful tool that effectively relaxes sore spots and reduces stiffness. Unlike other massage guns, this one requires minimal effort from you. It offers four multiple speeds and eight interchangeable heads, allowing you to customize your massage experience. Whether you're a regular fitness enthusiast or an occasional exerciser, this massage gun will become your go-to recovery companion. Take it away and use it before and after workouts to boost your home exercise!

The Takeaway

We hope this guide for fitness beginners on setting up a home gym provides you with the necessary knowledge and inspiration. Or, it can help you prioritize your fitness goals and invest in the right equipment that fits your space and budget. 

Finally, don't hesitate to share your awesome home gym setup in the comments! We're always happy to help you achieve goals on your fitness journey. ✨ 

Happy Training! 

Disclaimer: While this guide provides general information, we always suggest you consult a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program.


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