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Explore the MERACH APP's 7 workout modes: Gaming Row, Scenic Row, On-demand Classes, Ultra Burning, Free Training, Target Training, and Timed Training for enhanced fitness.

Bring Nature Indoors

Engaging Scenic Videos for lmmersive Home Workouts. Home Fitness Escapes: Explore, Move, Thrive.

Exercise In The Game

Eliminate the boredom of exercise in the game! Embark on an exciting journey, discover the joy of sports games!

Optimal Integration Of App With Fitness Equipment

Your exercise machine will change speed/resistance/frequency in real time to align with the class

How To Get Started

Download Merach

Get the APP on your iOS or Android device and ignite fat burning

Connect Equipment

Log in to the Merach APP, Turn on Bluetooth, discover and connect equipment

Get Moving

Discover your ideal fitness class and watch the APP monitor your training live!