Merach TT Smart Magnetic Exercise bike Assembly Guide

This video will show you how to assemble your TT Smart Magnetic Exercise bike.

First, lay out your parts: Stabilizer, Allen Key, Screws, Handlebar, Cover, Seat, Seat post, Pedal, Wrench, Battery

The Text for each shot corresponds to the accessories that need to be used
0:09 | Step 1: Stabilizer assembly
1(item 7)Front Stabilizer
2(item 8)Rear Stabilizer
3(item A)Allen Key
4(item 9)*4 Screw
2:26 | Step 2: Handlebar assembly
1(item 2)Handlebar Post
2(item 10)Handlebar
3(item 11)Decorative Cover
4(item 12)*3 Screw
5(item A)Allen Key
3:32 | Step 3: Seat and Seat Post assembly
1(item 3)Seat Post
2(item 4)Seat
4:16 | Step 4: Pedal assembly
1(item 6-L)Left Pedal
2(item 6-R)Right Pedal
3(item B)Open-end Wrench 14-15
5:57 |Step 5
(item 13)*2 Battery

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