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Based on 584 reviews
Great machine

I received the machine and was amazed at how well it was packaged. With bolts, tools and parts mapped out on the package itself, assembly was easy. I am really enjoying the workouts. The dual resistance is great, I get the proper tension and a soothing sound of water. I love the machine and will recommend it.

I bought this small hand massage gun based on its reviews. It is a powerful machine, quiet and easy to hold in my small hands. I have multiple sclerosis and by using this massage gun regularly it helps with my neuropathy and muscle cramps. Highly recommend it is extremely well made comes with many attachments in a lovely carrying case

Very early only used it 3 times, but deliver was smooth. Out of box provides easy to use. Space saving convenience and the collapsible rail is smooth. So far equipment use has met expectations. Seems like good quality and functions great. Emptying water is a little inconvenient but overall super satisfied if the quality holds up. Would recommend, great price point and quality overall 5/5 stars !! Good job MERACH!

Hello ! I've been using the bike for more than a week now and I'm very, very satisfied, I really needed it to work on my cardio and my leg muscles to perform well at football, that's the basis! The fact that the bike is bleuthooh sets it apart from the others and frankly I love it and I recommend it. Frankly I am very satisfied with the bike and I recommend I hope this comment will help you!

Super quiet and sturdy

I love this bike. My issue with exercising inside is the noise. I’m an outdoor person but it’s too hot in the summer to run. You can watch tv at normal volume. It makes zero noise. It connects to the MERACH app which is great for learning but also to zwift or others you’d use. Well worth the money. Also very easy to put together.

Works as Advertised!

 This squat machine by MERACH works well! It's easy on your joints, yet it effectively builds muscle. I've been using it for a few weeks and I'm pleased with my results. My glutes, hamstrings, and quads are popping. Moreover, you can also adjust the resistance on the machine, thus alter the intensity of your workouts over time.

Furthermore, the machine is easy to assemble. It's sturdy. And because it's foldable and compact, you can store it pretty much anywhere. Lastly, the price is sweet!

***Honestly, I struggled using the squat machine for the first few minutes. But I found out that I was making it difficult on myself. All I had to do was a simple squat motion. 🤦♂️***

Fantastic cycle for the price - amazing value

This was an investment in my health I won't ever regret. It's so easy to use, and the app is great. I use it almost every day and it looks amazing - so much better than other cycles that are even more expensive. I just wish I spent a little more for a heavier flywheel.

Good for the price

Good for the price

Just what I wanted!

Everything I was looking for. I wanted a pad to use at work that fit under my desk. Fits perfectly. I am 5'7 and I have a long stride my feet do not touch the front or back of the pad. Very quiet, can barely hear it at 1.8 speed, 3.1 speed you can hear it but its not loud at all. No set up, but you do have to screw in two knobs for the bar to be raised and lowered, takes 10 seconds. You can use it with the bar up or down. The unit is sturdy and is on the heavier side when you try to slide it or move it in a way that you're not using the wheels. After hours of research I chose this one largely because of the width and the length of the pad. It also has a specified place to add lubricant when needed. Can also tighten the walking pad when needed. Comes with a remote. My remote worked fine for a few minutes on day 1 and then it stopped. It may need a battery replacement. I have to read the instructions and make sure its something I'm not doing correctly. You can control the speed on the bar when raised or use the remote. There is an included attachment to hold a phone, tablet or book. I hope this helps.

S15 Upright Bike
Kimberly Clark
Great for home use

We have a small home gym and this was a great addition. The seat is comfortable enough to sit on, and everything works properly. It was pretty easy to assemble as well.

T05 Smart Walking Treadmill
cannabible customer
Good cheap treadmill

This is a good cheap treadmill. It's not fancy. It doesn't have tons of extras, special features, special online capability to share with others. It's just a low cost, but effective treadmill. It works well and is easy to operate and set up.


was east to setup and use. not a huge heavy bulky piece so it doesn't take up much room! hopefully I'll get the results I've been looking for :)

Feel the burn

Assembly was not to bad, instructions needs work. Been playing around with this unit for the last few weeks. As a beginner, get ready to feel the burn just from a 15 minute workout. You will feel and look like you been at it all day. You will need a shower and a fresh change of clothing as you will be drenched in sweat. I was sore the first few days, then it started getting better. I can feel my strength has increased. Do not know how as this is for cardio and you will get a good cardio workout in. This along with the keto diet is working wonders for me. Each band adds about 22 pounds of resistance, so just beware of that. I like that it does not take up much room, and it is foldable, can just store it when not in use. I learned a lesson and hope you will not do what I mistakenly did, word of advice, to not think this is not doing much and watch the crossfit games. You will overdo it and you will feel it for days.

Packaging & Delivery:] The packaging is as expected and arrived without incident. Delivery was fast and as promised.

[Summery:] All in all I am very happy. I am comfortable with the 5 stars. I have no problem recommending this Squat Rowing Machine or the seller.

Here is the review ranking basis that I have adopted:
⭐️1 star - I don't recommend it at all, poor quality.
⭐️⭐️ 2 stars - I don't recommend it, it has multiple faults, or a very high price.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 stars - It's passable, It has some faults but the quality is ok for what it is.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 stars - Product quite acceptable, it does what it promises.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars - Product that I totally recommend.

Full featured compact treadmill at a great price

This treadmill folds up very thin (3-4 inches) to store nicely against a wall or behind a piece of furniture. It works well and comes fully assembled except for two knobs you hand-screw on to the sides, and the tablet/phone rack that clips in place. It is super easy to get going on it. I has full speed settings, and when turned on/off, it smoothly/gradually transitions to your target speed. Very impressed with the features, design, and price of this exceptional unit.

Wow, it really works

There’s nothing not to like, it does the job I would’ve given it 10 stars plus

Well-made, easy to assemble

I’m so happy with this purchase. I was able to assemble this very sturdy bike by myself in less than an hour. It is smooth functioning, stable balance, with good resistance. It is very comfortable and easily adjustable. It’s high quality for the price and meets my needs and expectations both for PT and routine aerobic exercise. It’s design is attractive, streamlined, and it can be easily folded and tucked aside.

If you dislike leg day, this may change your mind. It makes squats (and some other exercises) much easier and more effective because the proper form is built in to the machine. Had never known such a machine existed, but when I saw it I wanted to try it. Love it! Makes doing squats fun again with less worry about getting the proper form and weight. The only caveat is that the weight resistance caps out at 66 lbs +bodyweight, so if you are lifting heavy weights, this may not help you. Easy to put together with simple instructions (although note that the screws are pre-installed, which is confusing when you're checking the list of parts).

Well-engineered... Good asssembly instructions.... Well packaged... Great Price.

There is nothing not to like about this exercise bike. Very pleased with my purchase.

R07 Squat Assist Trainer
Michele in New Mexico
Good whole body exercise machine

I ordered this squat machine because I wanted something that would work my whole body. This machine does not disappoint. It was easy to set up. The squat machine doesn't take up too much room and can be stored in the corner of my den. I like to work out and watch television or watch music videos at the same time. I have no doubt that this squat machine will work for cardio endurance and muscle toning. The trick to it is using the machine instead of letting it collect dust. The design and build of this squat machine are build sturdy. I recommend this squat machine based on my personal use.

Great Product! Great Service!

Been using the 950 Dual Resistance Wood Rower for two weeks and love it. Great Product and Great Service!

Super practical

First of all, I bought this bike when it was on sale. The bike came undamaged. It connects bluetooth with Zwift smoothly. I can bike very quietly. Very stable. I’m super happy abt it.

Muy buen producto

Funciona correctamente y el ejercicio es suave e intenso..

It's okay. - EDIT: Great Customer service.

The assembly was very straight forward and easy to understand.

However, the app is... not great. I found using a timer and a heart rate monitor to be better than it.

The handle bars are a bit too far forwards for me, the seat is a bit hard, almost painfully so, I do like the foot cages, they help keep my feet on the peddles, but no matter the seat height or handle height i've tried feels comfortable. I end up sitting upright with my hands on my legs, but after a while it really hurts my backside.

It looks nice, is really quiet, and peddles smoothly. I just don't think this machine was fit for me tho, unfortunate.

EDIT - The people at MERACH reached out to me and are sending me a new cushion and listened to my feedback. Very pleased with the outcome.

Updating from 3 to 5 stars.

Convenient exercise without ever having to leaving the house.

I ordered this Smart Treadmill so that the wife and I could get a little bit more convenient exercise on a daily basis without having to visit a gym or ever leaving the house.

The treadmill, what little has to be assembled, goes together easily and it comes with a detailed easy to read and follow instruction book that explains all its functions. I was worried that it would bog down when I used it, my weight is 210lbs, and I need not have worried as it does not bog down in the slightest. Adjusting the treadmill speed is simple as every button is within easy reach on the front arm rest and the display is large and clearly shows its current setting. The arm rest, once tightened, is sturdy feeling and if you wanted to use the treadmill without the arm rest than you can also do this, and the functions then would be operated by the remote control. The treadmill has an emergency stop cord that fastens to the front of your shirt via clamp, and if you should ever fall off the treadmill or stretch the cord to far it will pull the key out and automatically stop all motion. The key has to be inserted in order for the treadmill to work.
We have not tired the Bluetooth functions nor the app as it just really is not our thing, but the technology is there and available if you really wanted to use it. One thing that I was really impressed about with this treadmill is how quite it operates, it is almost near silent.

Storage of the treadmill is simple as the front arm rest folds down, but the treadmill is heavy to move so they have included front wheels and can tilt it up and roll it around to better assist in its movement. The treadmill while being compact is still wide and will take up a decent amount of space (width wise) wherever you choose to store it.

My only complaint about this treadmill is that I like to have my arms all the way stretched out on the armrest and in doing so I end up walking at the very back edge of the track and the emergency cord is stretched to its limits and has come out a few times inadvertently. My wife does not have this problem when using it and I guess it comes down to personal preference more than any real flaw in the treadmill.

Really works

Good workout