6 Fitness Gifts for Mom She Will Actually Use

fitness gifts for mom

The holidays are a time for giving back to the superheroes in our lives - our moms. From morning school runs to late-night snuggles, moms power through busy days with grace and strength. This year, gift mom something that fuels her strength and spirit: the gift of health. 

Whether your mom is a marathon runner or a busy multitasker squeezing in HIIT workouts between Zoom calls, we’ve got great fitness gift ideas to support her goals. From at-home cardio gear to recovery tools, these top picks earned seals of approval from leading health and fitness authorities. Mom will feel the love with each sweat session! 

Best Gifts for Mom Who likes Cardio Exercises

If your mother enjoys indoor cardio, upgrade her home gym with these smart and effective cardio machines. 

1. MERACH T05 2-in-1 Walking Pad

The versatile MERACH T05 2-in-1 Walking Pad toggles between a comfortable walking at 0-3.7 mph and a full-speed running up to 7.5 MPH. When mom finishes her workout, it folds vertically to tuck neatly against the wall or under the sofa. 

Jacqueline Andriakos, one of the Women's Health Executive Health and Fitness Director, got obsessed with this MERACH T05 2-in-1 Walking Pad, thinking it a game-changer of her fitness routine this winter. "It has a convenient iPad/iPhone stand so I can watch my bad reality TV while I move." 

Its whisper-quiet design and roomy surface provide a comfortable, fuss-free cardio option moms will love.  

MERACH T05 2-in-1 Walking Pad

2. MERACH R14 Rowing Machine 

This smooth-gliding MEARCH R14 Rower engages 86% of the body's muscles for a low-impact cardio workout that shapes arms, core, glutes and quads without joint strain, ideal for moms with joint concerns. 

Moreover, MERACH R14 Rowing Machine simulates smooth on-water rowing with 6 fluid resistance settings. MERACH perfects at-home rowing with professional-grade durability. As mom rows toward her 2024 goals, it remains stable and smooth-gliding.

MERACH R14 Rowing Machine

3. MERACH S09 Indoor Cycling Bike

Need more motivated machines? The MERACH S09 Indoor Cycling Bike is a perfect fit for energetic mom. This bike auto-adjusts resistance with MERACH Go technology, allowing her to fully immerse in "virtual video" classes in the MERACH app. 

MERACH S09 Indoor Cycling Bike

The MERACH S09 Indoor Cycling Bike earns rave reviews for its customizable tension and smooth, near-silent design. Its heavy-duty steel frame easily holds up to 330 pounds. Once mom finishes her ride, she can easily store the MERACH S09 Smart Bike in a corner as a stylish home decor piece. 

Best Gifts for Mom Who likes Low-Impact Exercises 


1. MERACH E12 High-End Elliptical Machine 

Does your mom need morning exercises every day? The MEARCH E12 High-End Elliptical is undoubtedly a good choice as your Christmas gift for her. Its ultra-quiet magnetic resistance lets mom workout early mornings without disturbing the family. 

It tones legs and glutes with a special flywheel targeting lower-body fitness. Adjustable handles allow your mom to also use it in stair stepper mode or as a seated elliptical. The transport wheels also allow her to easily relocate or store the machine to any rooms she chooses. 

MERACH E12 High-End Elliptical Machine

2. MERACH S08 Recumbent Bike 

Seeking gentle rehabilitation? The MERACH S08 Recumbent Bike makes a great fitness companion for moms. Nurtured with comfort, stability, and simplicity, this recumbent bike boasts an adjustable cushioned seat with a supportive backrest. Its wide step-through frame allows moms easy on-and-off access, reducing the risk of joint strain. 

The pedals are positioned perfectly out front, enabling a smooth and controlled pedaling motion for Mom. The Integrated heart rate sensors help moms monitor cardio intensity. All these thoughtful ergonomic details contribute to a great senior and hip-friendly cardio option. 

Whether your mom is managing hip issues, or simply looking for a low-impact way to stay active, the MERACH S08 Recumbent Bike is the perfect gift.

Best Gift for Mom to Relax


1. MERACH 9D Mini Massage Gun 

Help mom warm up tight muscles before crushing her workouts and recover faster afterward with percussive therapy from a mini massage gun. This palm-sized powerhouse delivers soothing percussive therapy at three intensity levels with 8 interchangeable heads. Weighing just 1.8 pounds, it targets knots and sore spots with ease. 

The MERACH 9D Mini Massage Gun is perfect for tossing in a gym bag or suitcase to relieve tension from travel and training. Powerful percussion in a petite package - muscles won't know what hit them!  

MERACH App: A Free Extra Gift!

With her equipment purchase, surprise mom with unlimited MERACH app access included free! She’ll gain unlimited workout classes, wireless tracking, and more. As her exercise equipment synced with her phone or tablet, she can view fitness metrics and monitor progress. 

Need last-minute gifts for other active friends? Browse our latest gift guide on MERACH top customer-loved MERACH aerobic equipment gift. 

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