5 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your New Year Fitness Resolutions for 2024

5 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your New Year Fitness Resolutions for 2024

As we gear up for 2024, resolutions season is upon us. 'Improving fitness' and 'losing weight' are two of the top five New Year's resolution ideas according to a Forbes study. But how do we turn those aspirations into achievable New Year's resolution ideas that carry us through the year? MERACH has got your back with five practical tips to set and stick to your 2024 fitness goals. 

Top New Year's Resolution 2024
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Tip 1: Make Your Fitness Goals S.M.A.R.T.

First, those vague promises might get you lost and make it hard to reach your new year fitness goals. It may be time to start to make your fitness goals S.M.A.R.T - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

① To be specific. For example, rather than "get more fit", try "complete a 5K by June 1st." See the difference? You need to outline the explicit metrics and deadlines.

② Track measurable progress like miles run, workout frequency, or how easily you climb stairs. Quantifying achievements provides serious motivation when the enthusiasm of January 1st fades.

③ To be relevant. Does your goal align with your lifestyle? Do you want to run a 5K because you love running or just because everyone else is doing so? Ask yourself why, and then you'll find the inner motivation for your New Year's resolution ideas.

④ Make it attainable. You need to choose a goal that challenges you but remains attainable for your current fitness level. And make it align with your overall health vision. (for instance, think of "30 squats" not "1,000").

⑤ Finally, time-bound. It would help you keep focused by setting mini milestones like "By June 1st" to maintain focus rather than vague "in 2024" targets.

Tip 2: Begin with Small, Sustainable Steps

Climbing Mount Everest starts with one step, right? Starting with small actions like a 10-minute walk, cutting soda, or 3 strength workouts per week, all these mini-victories will cheer you up and pave the way for your long-term success.

5 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your New Year Fitness Resolutions for 2024

Tip 3: Find Your Fitness BFFs

You're not alone in this! Join a local running group, find a workout buddy, or connect with the MERACH Fitness Group online. You might keep fired up when you have a squad of like-minded people who cheer your sweaty wins. In addition, you can get more fitness tips others shared, swap stories, and find inspiration in a fitness group/community.

Tip 4: Equip Yourself for Success with MERACH

Having the right tools can make all the difference. If you're considering investing something in fitness equipment that matches your smart fitness goals. MERACH, your friendly fitness supporter, offers a wide range of gear for every need, empowering you to get any changes you wish.

Boost Your Endurance - MERACH Smart Treadmill

Let's talk about the 5K fitness goal further. Say that you want to increase your endurance but don't like to battle the gym crowds, then home running is a great option for you. Some smart treadmills like the MERACH T03 Auto-Incline Treadmill allow you to tailor speed and incline to precisely match your current abilities. It'll help you stay motivated and conquer your first 5K in the new year via MERACH app connectivity and professional on-demand classes.

MERACH T03 Auto-Incline Treadmill

Engage Your Body - MERACH Rowing Machine

Want a full-body workout that's easy on your joints? Home rowing can efficiently use 86% of your muscles in low-impact, joint-friendly exercises. Our MERACH 950 Water Magnetic Rower makes it better - it mimics the feel of real water rowing with its water flywheel while automatically adjusting resistance based on your chosen courses.

Improve Your Flexibility - MERACH Squat Rider Machine

If one of your 2024 fitness goals is to stretch and strengthen your lower body, you won't miss out on this excellent MERACH R07 Squat Rider Machine! It combines squats and rowing to sculpt your quads, glutes, and more. Plus, this cost-effective machine offers a variety of targeted stretching exercises in the privacy and comfort of your home to improve your flexibility, burn calories, and boost endurance. It's an ideal partner for those who need targeted lower-body muscle workouts.

MERACH R07 Squate Rider Machine

Recover Faster - MERACH Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you need a gentle yet effective to recover faster, the recumbent exercise bike is a nice low-impact option and good for your hips. Some classic item like the MERACH S08 Recumbent Exercise Bike greatly assists your healing with its supportive seat and customizable resistance.

Keep You Active - MERACH Under Desk Bike

Are desk jobs slowing you down towards your smart fitness goals? MERACH makes it for you! The MERACH S27 Under Desk Bike lets you pedal while working to reduce your sedentary time. Its adjustable resistance caters to any fitness level to keep your legs engaged and you active throughout the day.

MERACH S27 Mini Under Desk Bike

Tip 5: Track Visual Progress on the MERACH App

If you always feel like lacking motivation while exercising at home, the MERACH app is here to support you! It seamlessly syncs your workout data for real-time stats display so that you can visually track your progress (pace, distance, and calories). Additionally, the MERACH app has different workout courses, so you can easily find a way to move that brings you joy! You can also set new challenges and celebrate each achievement on your own.

Track Visual Progress on the MERACH App

The Takeaway

With smart fitness goal-setting, mini-milestones, and the right tools for workouts, your New Year fitness resolutions can stick! Record each small win, savor your progress, and let's make this new year a healthier you. We're cheering you on!

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