E09S VS. E09 Elliptical: The Differences That Matter

E09S VS. E09 Elliptical: The Differences That Matter

We narrowed the list of advantages down to the super-smart E09S vs. the affordable E09 ellipticals so you can pick the perfect machine to blaze your body goals. Go!

Are you searching for a muscle-sculpting elliptical to boost the efficiency of your home workout time? Now, break a sweat as we reveal MERACH's top elliptical contenders - the E09S v.s. E09!

These innovative elliptical cross trainers offer high-intensity, low-impact training to ignite major calorie burn. But with key differences in the smart tech and price points, which model will help you crush your goals harder?
Let’s dig in!

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Product Name

MERACH E09 Auto Electromagnetic Elliptical Machine

MERACH E09 Manual Resistance Elliptical Machine


MERACH E09S Smart Elliptical Machine
MERACH E09 Elliptical Machine

Product Size

45.7′′D x 23.6′′W x 63′′H

41.73′′D x 20.08′′W x 62.99′′H

Auto Resistance



Resistance Level



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See Prize

See Prize

Both ellipticals score big on quality, comfort, and proven results - the E09S through the innovation and the E09 via back-to-basics function. Keep reading as we map out the pros and cons so you can pick your ultimate fat-blasting hero!

Meet the MERACH Elliptical Machines

      E09S - The Smart Innovator

      This super-smart elliptical machine takes your home workouts to the stratosphere with exclusive MERACH Go technology that auto-adjusts resistance levels to match personalized app-based courses. The optimized intensity and real-time syncing mean no complicated controls - TAP AND BURN!

      With enhanced inertia from the doubled HED drive system, the E09S flywheel provides the perfect customizable resistance for next-level calorie burns, ensuring you achieve elliptical machine weight loss and your fitness goals fast.

      Its sturdy alloy steel frame, 350 lb capacity, and ergonomic build stand up to intense training while the whisper-quiet magnetic drive lets you crush courses minus noise. Want elite and efficient workouts with MERACH Go technology that takes the guesswork out of intensity? The E09S is your elliptical hero!

      MERACH E09S Auto Electromagnetic Elliptical Machine

      User Review

      Mark R.: "I've lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks using the E09S elliptical! The auto-adjusting resistance keeps my fat-burning HIIT workouts challenging without changing settings manually. This smart elliptical machine helps me torch max calories every time!"

      E09 - The Affordable All-Star

      With 16 magnetic resistance levels and a focus on simplicity, the E09 manual elliptical delivers a comfortable, quality workout for all fitness levels. Its sturdy stainless steel frame offers exceptional durability for years of reliable training.

      The E09 elliptical machine features a premium rear-drive for easy mounting, Kinomap compatibility for scenic courses, and free access to the MERACH app with customizable HIIT elliptical machine workouts. Its smooth, quiet magnetic resistance lets you relieve the intensity to an extent. 

      Whether a beginner or a pro, the E09 manual elliptical offers an accessible, affordable way to improve cardio, build strength, and reach your fitness goals from home.

      MERACH E09 Elliptical MachineUser Review

      Jasmine L says The E09 elliptical is so easy to use - hop on and go! I love being able to pick from a wide range of magnetic resistance levels to customize my workouts. This affordable elliptical helps me stay consistent with my fitness routine at home! 

      Want that gym-quality elliptical training without leaving your home? MERACH’s E09S and E09 deliver. With the MERACH E09S Elliptical, next-gen tech tailors your resistance automatically for max elliptical machine weight loss. Or choose the budget-friendly MERACH E09 Elliptical Machine for simplified magnetic resistance you control manually.

      Either elliptical machine crossed with the MERACH app gives you access to top trainers and programs. So, pick the features that fit your budget and training style - two fantastic options ready to take your workouts into overdrive!

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