MERACH Kicks Home Gym Another Notch In Brazil Trade Fair

Shenzhen, June 23, 2023 - MERACH, the renowned home fitness equipment brand, made waves at the Brazil Trade Fair held in São Paulo from June 19th to June 21st. With an impressive showcase of cutting-edge fitness products, MERACH captivated the attention of distributors, retailers, and big wholesalers from Brazil and beyond.

For the first time coming to São Paulo, MERACH's exhibition booth became a focal point of excitement, drawing in crowds eager to explore the latest fitness innovations. Engaging with industry professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and aspiring entrepreneurs, MERACH solidified its commitment to expanding its presence in the dynamic Brazilian fitness market.

Throughout the event, two key observations underscored the unique dynamics of the Brazilian fitness and wellness industry, shaping MERACH's approach to serving this market.

First and foremost, the post-COVID-19 era has propelled the importance of home exercise gyms in Brazil. With a heightened focus on health and wellness, individuals now recognize the value of working out in the comfort of their own homes. This trend is expected to persist as people strive to maintain healthy habits, optimize their time, and involve family members in fitness activities. MERACH, recognizing this cultural shift, has meticulously tailored its product offerings to cater to the evolving needs of the Brazilian market. By providing comprehensive and versatile home fitness solutions, MERACH empowers individuals to achieve their fitness goals conveniently and comfortably.

Secondly, MERACH reaffirmed its dedication to manufacturing top-of-the-line fitness equipment that adheres to the highest standards of quality and performance. The brand firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their fitness level or background, deserves access to premium fitness equipment that enhances their overall well-being. Through continuous innovation, MERACH strives to deliver exceptional products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Mr. Lee, the Sales Director of MERACH, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are glad to be part of the Brazil Trade Fair and connect with our valued partners and customers in this region. Brazil's fitness market holds immense potential, and we are committed to offering top-notch fitness solutions that align with the evolving needs of individuals and families. Our goal is to empower people to lead healthier lives and make fitness a fun and accessible part of their daily routines."

The Brazil Trade Fair provided an ideal platform for MERACH to showcase its extensive product lineup, featuring state-of-the-art treadmills, versatile strength training equipment, innovative rowing machines, and cutting-edge exercise bikes. Attendees had the opportunity to experience the exceptional quality and functionality of MERACH's offerings firsthand.

Moreover, MERACH's participation in the trade fair fostered valuable collaborations and partnerships with distributors and retailers. By forging these alliances, MERACH aims to strengthen its distribution network across Brazil, ensuring wider access to its products and meeting the evolving fitness needs of individuals and communities.

As the curtains closed on the event, MERACH extended its heartfelt gratitude for the warm reception and support it received from the Brazilian fitness community. We look forward to contributing to the growth of the fitness industry in Brazil and remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled fitness solutions to customers worldwide.


In this ever-changing era, it has been increasingly challenging to stay rooted in tradition and follow a single lifestyle. Therefore, The spirit of "Always in Innovation" becomes what MERACH continually strives for and embodies. Driven by the mission of becoming a globally-leading and socially-responsible consumer fitness innovator, we are dedicated to producing premium and sustainable fitness equipments. Our intelligent applications and platforms cater to users of all ages, promoting their health and enjoyments.

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