MERACH To China-Indonesia Homelife Trade Fair

MERACH To China-Indonesia Homelife Trade Fair

May always ignites the sunny days of year, and for MERACH, this May comes with surprises and excitements. On May 24, the China-Indonesia Homelife Trade Fair was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a renowned fitness expert, MERACH has unveiled its highly anticipated hero product series in 2023, featuring an impressive lineup of fitness equipment: rower (R02), treadmill (T01), elliptical (E03), and bike (S06). 

To MERACH's World

In this ever-changing era, it has been increasingly challenging to stay rooted in tradition and follow a single lifestyle. Therefore, The spirit of "Always in Innovation" becomes what MERACH continually strives for and embodies. Driven by the mission of becoming a globally-leading and socially-responsible consumer fitness innovator, we are dedicated to producing premium and sustainable fitness equipments. Our intelligent applications and platforms cater to users of all ages, promoting their health and enjoyments. 

To China-Indonesia Homelife Trade Fair

The China-Indonesia Homelife Trade Fair is an annual exposition that attracts industry experts and top suppliers from around the globe. With over 5,000 exhibitors and nearly 300,000 buyers attending China Homelife Trade Fair each year, the event generates deals exceeding $1 billion.

During this prestigious event, MERACH, the unrivaled home gym professor, showcased its avant-garde product lines integrated with advanced MERACH GoTM technology. Additionally, visitors were enthralled by the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality in our upcoming products.

This exhibition is underway. And we cordially invite you to join us and experience it firsthand! 

More Information about the Expo.:
🗓️ Time: 24 - 26 May, 2023
📍 Address: Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia 
      Booth No.: B3K109 
Official Website:
Stay tuned for further updates on this event and immerse yourself in the world of MERACH!

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