Why do your muscles ache from sleeping after exercise?

Why do your muscles ache from sleeping after exercise?

This is a typical symptom of delay of muscle soreness (DOMS): muscle soreness is not obvious after exercise, but aggravated after rest. The key factor is not "sleeping" as the subject said, but the fiber damage, acute inflammation and fascial adhesion that may occur inside the muscle during the rest time when the muscle relaxes after exercise. Either way, it leads to a conclusion: muscle damage.There is a two-way relationship between pain and sleep: they influence each other. Poor sleep makes us more sensitive to pain, and the presence of pain makes it harder for us to fall asleep.

What signals indicate that you are exercising too much?

Severe pain after exercise; muscle soreness for more than 72 hours and worse than before; seriously affect activities of daily life.

How to prevent the muscle soreness and damage so that it does not affect the normal life and exercise frequency?

  1. The correct training mode and intensity;
  2. If you don't exercise for a long time, you shouldchoose an easy action to start again.
  3. Warm up before exercise can reduce the risk of muscle, ligament and joint injury;
  4. After exercise, proper muscle relaxation and stretching can effectively relieve the feeling of muscle stiff and soreness.

Use massage gun to gently touch the muscle surface and massage slowly for 2 minutes. It can reach deep tissue and accelerate the process of muscle recovery.

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