MERACH Wins The 2024 Women’s Health Fitness Awards

MERACH Wins The 2024 Women’s Health Fitness Awards

Awarded! Our MERACH T05 Smart Walking Treadmill has won “Best Under-Desk Treadmillat the 2024 Women’s Health Fitness Awards

As the popular American lifestyle magazine known for showcasing the latest in health, fitness, beauty, and style, Women's Health has road-tested hundreds of fitness products over the past year to help determine which are worthy to include in the 2024 Fitness Awards, and finally, our T05 Treadmill standouts as a clear winner for cardio gear.

It is connected, affordable, and saves on space. A great way to get that cardio in without spending a ton or using up valuable space at home. ‘I manage to hit my step goal nearly every day now, no excuses!’ says, Andriakos, WH’s Executive Health and Fitness Director.

But the accolades don't stop there. The MERACH T05 Smart Walking Treadmill also won praise from numerous renowned outlets: 
● VerywellFit praised its foldable and safe belt design. 
● Shape magazine highlighted its joint-protecting capabilities. 
● TechRadar called it a perfect 2-in-1 walking and running treadmill. 
● Women’s Health labeled it the “BEST WALKING TREADMILL” for its space-saving size. 

Not just walking! In 2023, we launched the MERACH T03 Auto-Incline Treadmill to cater to different fitness levels. Beginners can find their perfect match with the T05 Smart Walking Treadmill, while professional runners and athletes can “HIIT” their fitness goals with fun on the powerful MERACH T03 Auto-Incline Treadmill.

We’re thrilled with these incredible recognitions from these top media outlets and immensely grateful for the valued support from our customers. Now, we’ve further insisted on shaping a future where the home gym and fitness experiences are fun, accessible, and personalized for everyone. So, whether you're building your dream home gym or simply looking to move your body, MERACH is your partner in progress. We'll be there to guide you, motivate you, and cheer you on every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!

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