MERACH APP Troubleshooting

MERACH APP Troubleshooting

My electronic device cannot search for the machine model:

  • 1. Check whether the bike is in power-on condition;
  • 2. Check whether the network condition is normal.
  • 3. Riding or rowing continuously during the search process;
  • 4. Check if the bicycle is connected by other electronic devices;
  • 5. Check whether MERACH has been authorized to use Bluetooth permission;
  • 6. If it is an Android phone, the Bluetooth connection needs to open the location service, please check whether to open the location service and allow MERACH to access the location information.
  • 7. Restart the cell phone Bluetooth or re-power the bike and try to connect again

My electronic device can search for the machine model but cannot connect successfully.

First connection:

  • 1. whether the machine has been connected by other electronic devices;
  • 2. Whether a firmware upgrade has been performed;

Previously successfully connected:

  • 1. suggest the user untie and reconnect;
  • 2. whether the machine has been connected by other electronic devices;

The Bluetooth disconnection occurs frequently.

  • If the machine is in hibernation mode or powered off, it may cause the Bluetooth connection to be interrupted. Ensure that the machine is active and properly powered on.

The MERACH APP doesn't show my resistance value:

  • The manual mechanical resistance device cannot display the resistance value on the APP