R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer
R07 Squat Assist Trainer

R07 Squat Assist Trainer

$199.99 USD $139.99 USD
  • High-Value, Low Budget
  • Real-Time Feedback and Resistance Levels
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Versatile Grip Positions:
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High-Value, Low Budget:

The MERACH R07 Squat Rider Machine is a cost-effective solution for a full-body workout that targets most major muscle groups. It's perfect for burning calories, building muscle, and improving endurance without breaking the bank.

Real-Time Feedback and Resistance Levels:

The MERACH R07 Squat Exercise Row Machine comes with a built-in LCD display that provides real-time feedback on your workout, including calories burned, distance, time, and more. The machine also includes three resistance bands that allow you to customize your workout to suit your fitness level and goals. Each band adds about 22 pounds of resistance, providing you with an effective workout that challenges you at every level.

Space-Saving Design:

Our innovative foldable horse riding machine is a game-changer for anyone looking to enjoy a full-body workout without taking up too much space. With its space-saving, foldable design, you can easily store it in your home or office. In just seconds, you can fold up the machine to reduce its size to a fraction of its full footprint.

Durable and Reliable:

Our machine is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use and reliability. It supports a maximum weight of up to 243 pounds, making it perfect for users of all sizes. The adjustable handbar and adjustable padded seat fit exercisers range from 4'11" to 6'11", so everyone can enjoy an effective workout.

Versatile Grip Positions:

The handles of the MERACH R07 Squat Ride Machine are designed to add versatility to your workouts. With a variety of grip positions, you can target different muscles and perform a wide range of exercises with ease and confidence. The ergonomic design of the handlebars enhances comfort while assisting with the proper trajectory of the squat, reducing the risk of injury.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Really works

Good workout

Carrie Seymore
Helping me to get motivated!

This machine has been great in helping me to get more motivated at home to get some exercise in.
Due to my medication and perimenopause, I recently started gaining weight and have been looking for ways to get motivated to lose it.
This has helped tremendously. I can go downstairs where it is cool and get in a workout. Not having to leave home to do that is great!
This machine is made very well, super sturdy and durable. I love how adjustable it is to fit my preference and size. I can also work my way up to a stronger level and I'm hoping it will help to strengthen my core to help with daily back pain.
Assembly was so easy that I put it together by myself. It isn't overly heavy and not too lightweight that it feels cheap.
I love that it came with the timer, counter, and calories burned and all that good stuff. It is super easy to use and came with the batteries needed for it.
I'm very happy with my squat rowing machine and how it is helping me get healthier and to get some extra weight off.

Best and easiest assembly

I was worried that it be would be complicated to assemble but it's not. I was impressed with how they had the bolts and nuts already in the place where they belong, all you have to do is remove them and then put the part where it belongs and reconnect the bolts and nuts. They made it so simple. I'm thrilled that it folds up and that it's not heavy so I can move it. It's sturdy. I just want to say thank you to this company for how they made it easy for the assembly.

A Blizz
Great Squat Rowing Machine

This is a great Machine.
Easy to assemble, Adjustable Resistance.
Doesn’t take large space, not to heavy to move.
One definitely will get result in strengthening Glutes and Leg with this machine. Not easy !

Compact and quiet

I like how compact and quiet this squat machine is. The band tension is good and I can definitely feel my muscles working after a few reps. I started with all three bands, but switched to two in order to do more reps without working my knees too much. I'm hoping that my knees and core will feel stronger with consistent use. I've been trying to stay in the habit of squeezing my core, glutes, and thighs and pushing my heels down into the pedals to prevent knee strain, which seems to be working well for me. Overall, assembly was straightforward, it's compact, adjustable, decently light, and feels sturdy.