CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike
CC Exercise Bike

CC All-Rounded Exercise Bike

$369.99 USD $289.99 USD
  • Safety, Quietness, and Durability in Harmony
  • Silent & Customizable Resistance
  • Discover New Trails with Free Membership
  • Tailored Comfort for Every Rider
  • Enjoy a Quieter and Safer
  • Cycling Experience with CC
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Eligible for Free Shipping.

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Eligible for 30-Day Money Back.
Eligible for 30-Day Money Back.

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Eligible for 2 Years Warranty.
Eligible for 2 Years Warranty.

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MERACH CC Exercise Bike

  • Safety, Quietness, and Durability in Harmony

Silent & Customizable Resistance

  • CC Bike's magnetic system & 6 KG flywheel deliver smooth power. 100-level control customizes resistance. Instant braking for safe stops, no knee strain.

Experience the fitness adventure with MERACH APP.

  • Elevate your fitness journey with Free MERACH Membership. Train like a pro or customize workouts in free riding mode. Personalize, track progress, and explore global trails.

Compatible with MERACH /Kinomap / Zwift.

  • Track & Analyze Workouts Wirelessly. Use MERACH, Kinomap, & Zwift apps to monitor distance, RPM, calories burned, and more. Enjoy diverse exercise courses & useful functions. Bluetooth powered by 2 AA batteries.

Discover New Trails with Free Membership

  • Train like a pro or customize workouts in free riding mode. Personalize, track progress, and explore global trails.

Tailored Comfort for Every Rider

  • Fit for 4'9" to 6'3" Exerciser: The stationary bike has a 2-ways adjustable handlebar (height 44.8- 48.6in) and a 4-ways adjustable padded seat (height 32.5-41.9in).

Enjoy a Quieter and Safer Cycling Experience with CC

  • Patented All-Rounded Design: MERACH cycling bike provides a safer & quieter ride, no worries about accidental injury to pets and causing noise that affects your family! On top of that, a simple wipe makes your bike look brand new!

Note: No monitor is included. Maximum user weight: 280lbs | Product Dimensions: 46.4L x 21.5W x 50H in | Floor space 6.92ft^2 | Product weight: 73.8 lbs

Included Components: CC Indoor Cycling Bike, User Manual, Tools, (2) AAA Batteries.

Worry-Free Guarantee: CC spin bike comes with a one-year "manufacturer's warranty". If there is any quality problem that is our responsibility, please feel free to contact us. Choose MERACH for reliable products that are user-friendly and safe!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews

Hello ! I've been using the bike for more than a week now and I'm very, very satisfied, I really needed it to work on my cardio and my leg muscles to perform well at football, that's the basis! The fact that the bike is bleuthooh sets it apart from the others and frankly I love it and I recommend it. Frankly I am very satisfied with the bike and I recommend I hope this comment will help you!

Lynne Marie Garcia
I want to love it (Update)

UPDATED REVIEW (changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars):
Merach reached out to me to see if we could find a resolution to my concerns. They honestly went above and beyond- in their communication and genuine kindness. Again, this is not a bad bike- it just wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I would still recommend it…just read reviews to find if it would fit your needs. I would recommend MERACH as a company 100%. I will definitely be looking into some of their other products- you can’t put a price on good customer service.
I purchased this bike instead of some of the more expensive ones out there, as it seemed to have all of the features I was looking for. Quality indoor bike at a good price point with great features. I’ve had it for a few days, and using both with the MERACH app, and Kinomap app, leave me wanting for more. It’s a bit tricky to make sure it connects properly- and then when it does, you don’t have much adjustment in resistance. Mine stops at 8 on the app, and if I turn the nob anymore, it just stops the wheel completely. I read that it had 100 levels of resistance…so im a little confused by that. The nob isn’t super convenient to reach to adjust resistance. Thinking auto resistance is more what I am interested in.
Overall this may be great for someone who doesn’t need to adjust a ton- and is looking for something very basic. But I am looking for a bit more.

Mom of 4 with 2 pups
Not bad, but could be better

Updated 7/9/23:
After writing my feedback, the company reached out to me and offered several solutions to assist with the issues noted. Their customer service is top notch. Based on my experience with their customer service, I would recommend this company. I don't usually accept a "deal" from a company in exchange for more positive feedback, however their customer service definitely earned an extra ☆.
On another note, I have not had time to upgrade the seat and pedals yet. After my school finals I will do that. I will say one of the best features of this bike is the adjustability. The second is the sturdy construction. Do understand that you will not be able to ride like in a marathon. The bike does get wobbly when the faster or harder you pedal. It won't fall over thanks to the sturdy construction. I will continue to update this post as needed. Just know that the company's customer service will take care of you if there is an issue.
Original review:
3☆This is an initial review. I just received this bike July 1st 2023. I will update in a week or so.

• Very well packaged. Package weighed about 80 pounds I think.
• Fairly simple to assemble, assembly took 45 minutes
• Very sturdy
• Many adjustments for the handlebar height, seat height and forward and back for the seat
• Water bottle holders
• Moves easily on the carpet.
• The footprint of the bike is much smaller than I anticipated.

• Like everyone has said, the seat is awful. Not even 5 min in and the seat is causing shooting pain. The seat has very little give and is hard when you sit on it.
• Pedals. These are not ordinary bike pedals with a strap like most stationary bikes. This design will encompass the top half of your shoe. More like professional pedals with teeth and a rubber-like material that has a strap through it for your shoe to go into. I will need to switch these out. Despite being adjustable to fit different size shoes, I want to just get on the bike and get my workout done. I don't want to hassle with straps. I also don't want to get my feet stuck if I need to get off the bike.
• IPad holder is small. I had hoped to be able to either have a book or place my laptop on it. The lip to hold the IPad, is small. I have a Samsung z-fold and it will not fit unless I open it and remove the stylus. For reference, the lip is just wider than a pencil. Not likely you will be able to fit an IPad with a case on there (no case would probably fit).
• The water bottle holders are laying down. I try not to use water bottles with lids because if I drop the lid, I have to stop. I can't put the water bottle back in the holder as it will force the bottle to lay down. It's workable, but not ideal for me.
• Some scuffs and scratches on the parts, most are hidden on the bottom. Nothing major, but something to note.

Overall, I like the bike. I will have to get different pedals and a different seat. I have not yet tested the Bluetooth function and app, but I will include that with my update. For the price, I can't complain too much, but a few upgrades would make this bike next level.

Would I recommend this:
• Yes if you are willing to upgrade a few things like the seat and pedals and you are willing to compromise on the small IPad holder and laying your water bottles down.
• No if you want a comfortable workout out of the box.

I will update this review soon.

Thomas Kotlarz
Great bike!

This is a great bike, the wife and I both use it, we went with this one due to the specs, reviews, and price. I had never heard of this brand before, but at the price I was willing to take a chance. We have racked up some miles quick on this, it's super quiet, we use it and don't worry about waking up the babies.

The app is nice as well, no issues there.

I hate adjusting the resistance, wish it was in a better spot, but that is my only issue. The seat is a seat, uncomfortable, but a friend of mine spent 2k on his bike and said the same thing of his seat.

Wendy Geiger
Merach Has Contaced Me, Personally

*05/06/2023* Update on my purchase and for my initial review: Merach contaced me and have made this right. I'm very pleased, didn't expect this at all. So kind and generous of Merach, a pleasure to do business with this company.

This indoor bicycle is very quiet to ride. I like the fact when I ride I can hear my trainer video without having to turn the volume up. I can ride it any time of day or night and it doesn't disturb others in the house.

It's great that it has bluetooth and an app to help track my progress. The progress seems a bit unconventional and perhaps(?) inaccurate. I don't know for sure as this is a first for me to use an app to track.

I can ride for more than 30 minutes, on level 4 resistance, at a good clip, sweating, and it says I've only peddled just over 28 feet and burned 80 calories. I'd hate to see what I'd need to do to burn more calories! ?? I don't think the app and bike talk nicely to one another.

I'd like an adjustable set of the handlebars so shorter people like me can adapt them to what I need most.

Overall, made of excellent quality materials.

More for Off-Seat Peddling. It's painful in the private areas when leaning forward to reach handle bars while peddling, if you're standing while peddling of course it's not.

Embrace the Comfort of Long-lasting Rides with MERACH S19
An Ideal Choice for Physical Therapy

Whether you're looking for a gentle rehabilitation routine or a daily low-impact exercise bike, MERACH S19 recumbent bike has got you covered.

Leave behind the discomfort

With a customizable ergonomic thicker seat and breathable mesh backrest, our Recumbent stationary bike ensures comfort during your extended riding sessions.

Customizable Seat for Your Inseam Length

With 8 adjustable positions, achieve personalized comfort and optimal performance. Accommodating inseam lengths from 17.72 to 35.43 inches, S19 recumbent bike ensures a tailored riding experience.

Enhance Your Ride Experience with the Free MERACH App!

Designed specifically for the S19, our app offers a range of courses tailored to different levels, helping you with your rehabilitation exercises. With the programs, track your progress and achieve your fitness goals.

Explore More Happiness on the MERACH APP

Fueling your drive for enhanced well-being and recuperation, unlock a realm of exhilaration with our free app that offers a multitude of modes, including scene mode, various course modes, free training mode, time goal mode, distance goal mode, and more.

Maximize Your Workout with Heart Rate Monitoring

By monitoring your heart rate during exercise, you can ensure that you stay within a safe yet elevated heart rate zone, pushing yourself to the right level and maximizing the efficiency of your workouts.

Efficient Workouts, Silent Riding

With its high-speed, high-inertia design, 6.6lb perimeter-weighted flywheel, and Silent Dual-Belt Drive System, S19 recumbent bike ensures efficient and noiseless workouts.

Summary of points

Customizable Ergonomic Thicker Seat and Breathable mesh backrest, Easily adjust the seat to fit your unique needs and inseam length.

Featuring a high-speed, high-inertia design and a 6.6lb perimeter-weighted flywheel

8-Level Car-Style Adjustment Resistance System, Customize riding levels to your Low-Impact

Silent Dual-Belt Drive System

Heart Rate Tracking Maximize Your Workout

S19 magnetic recumbent bike for seniors is 80% pre-assembled