MERACH - Q1S Auto Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower
MERACH - Q1S Auto Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower
Electromagnetic Smart Rower

Q1S Auto Electromagnetic Smart Rower

$379.99 USD $339.99 USD
  • MERACH GO - Auto Smart Resistance Adjustment
  • The Budget-Friendly HIIT Rowing for Home
  • Includes Bluetooth Functionality
  • Free App Subscription
  • Easy to Assemble, Supports Upright Storage
  • Smooth and Noise-Free Rowing Experience
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Eligible for 30-Day Money Back.

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Eligible for 2 Years Warranty.
Eligible for 2 Years Warranty.

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Hear reviews about the Q1S Smart Rower.


I think it looks cool rowing is really good because it's a low impact, this seat moves really smoothly


Getting Healthy At 40+ || Merach Rowing Machine Review || Mom & Kids Edition || A Gift That Gives

Sam Visnic

A rower can present benefits in that situation for example with knees because it would be low impact and it would be predominantly working the upper body

Yoga with Krista I Olótita

I've always really enjoyed rowing as an extra source of exercise but rowing specifically helps you to strengthen your back, your scapular muscles obviously your legs really give you a bit better form proprioceptive awareness
As for the machine itself, you get 16 levels of resistance, non-slip pedals, and a whisper-quiet design that won't bother your family or your downstairs neighbors.

Focus on your workout

MERACH GO™ Technology: The Q1S Electromagnetic Rower features an auto-adjusting resistance knob that automatically adjusts the resistance that follows the instructions of your rowing course coach, helping you maintain a stable rhythm and achieve optimal HIIT results, the best rowing machine for home use.

Discover the smooth rowing experience

Experience the benefits of the best rowing machine electromagnetic resistance with the Q1S Rower. The magnetic system provides less friction loss and smoother operation, while the electromagnetic resistance offers even greater accuracy

The Ultimate Space-Saving Rower

The Q1S Rower is the perfect save space solution. With its built-in base wheels and upright storage kit, it's easy to move and store. The recommended space for use is 1.6*5.7 feet, while the recommended storage space is 1.6*2.1 feet. Get fit without sacrificing precious space.

Easy assembly, Save your budget

Assembling the Q1S Rower is a breeze, thanks to its pre-installed components and installation video instructions. You can easily put it together without the need for professional installation services, saving you money while enjoying the benefits of an indoor rowing machine.

Data tracking, Free Training mode, rowing machine courses, and gaming mode
– on your fitness journey, MERACH APP will always be there with you.

Tech Specs
Q1S Manual
Resistance Adjustment
Manual mechanical button
Resistance Mechanism
Tension Level
Bluetooth Functionality
Upright Storage
Supported Apps
MERACH, Kinomap
Item Dimensions
38"L x 24"W x 8"H
Package Weight
50 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation
350 Pounds
Alloy Steel‎Alloy Steel, Aluminum
Display Type
Fits User Height
Below 6' 7″
Power Source
Corded Electric
Q1S Manual Resistance
$219.99 USD
Q1S Auto Resistance
$309.99 USD
R05 Manual Resistance
$209.99 USD
Q1S Manual
Q1S Auto
R05 Manual
Resistance Mechanism
Magnetic Resistance
Magnetic Resistance
Magnetic Resistance
Resistance Adjustment
Manual adjustment
Electronic smart adjustment
Manual adjustment
Automatic Resistance Adjustment
Weight Capacity
350 Ibs
350 Ibs
350 Ibs
Recommended User Height
6' 7"
6' 7"
6' 7"
Power Source
Corded Electric
Reason for Choosing
Popular, 2 color options, well-received in the market, with multiple reviews.
Q1S Upgraded version, electronic resistance, auto resistance adjustment, and the introductory model of MERACH GO.
Uniquely designed, the best budget option.


Q1S Smart Home Rowing Machine FAQ
950/R06/Q5/Q1S, Which is the best home rowing machine?

All 4 rowing machines feature automatic resistance adjustment, but each model caters to different needs:

Q1S is ideal for those seeking a quiet and smooth rowing experience, with resistance suitable for users below the middle class.

950 and Q5 are designed for professional use and cater to rowers of all levels. 950 boasts a pure wood construction, while Q5 is made from high-grade steel, catering to different style preferences.

R06 offers a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

Ultimately, the choice of model depends on individual preferences. Click on 950/R06/Q5/Q1S to learn more and find the best fit for your needs.

What is the difference between Q1S Electromagnetic and Q1S Manual?

Difference between Q1S Electromagnetic and Q1S Manual:

The main difference is in the way resistance is adjusted. Q1S Manual resistance is adjusted mechanically and features an electronic screen powered by a battery. It cannot automatically adjust resistance.

On the other hand, Q1S Electromagnetic uses an AC plug for power and has an electronic button for resistance adjustment. The electronic button also displays data. This model can automatically adjust resistance during MERACH APP courses, ensuring uninterrupted breathing and exercise rhythm.

When choosing the best magnetic rowing machine, it depends on your usage habits.

How do I troubleshoot Bluetooth connection issues?

1. Check if the rower is powered on.
2. Make sure the Bluetooth indicator light is on by waking up the rowing machine.
3. Ensure that the Bluetooth function on your phone is turned on.
4. Make sure no one is using the rower during the Bluetooth connection.

If the above issues are resolved but you still can't connect, try unpairing the Bluetooth on your phone and reconnecting.

What is the weight capacity of the Q1S Rower?

The maximum weight capacity is 350 Pounds

The maximum weight capacity is 350 Pounds

The Q1S rower is suitable for user who is under 6' 7" in height and can be used as a home rowing machine.

The rails on my rowing machine are making noise.

Make sure the wheels on the seat are aligned with the rails, keep them clean, and check if the wheels or screws are loose. If the problem persists, please Contact us on our Contact page.

What kind of warranty do Q1S water rowing machines come with?

We offer a 1-year warranty for the entire rowing machine. If you register for the extended warranty on our website after purchase, you can receive a total of two years of warranty coverage.

What is auto resistance technology?

Auto resistance technology is a feature offered by MERACHGO technology that automatically adjusts the resistance of your workout according to your coach's instructions. This allows you to focus on maximizing your workout without any interruptions or distractions.

The equipment with ''MERACHGO'' electronic buttons supports Auto resistance adjustment

For more details can refer to this article:About''MERACH'' , ''MERACHGO'',''MERACH APP''

What functions does the MERACH APP support?

The MERACH APP supports a range of functions, including:

-Real-time workout tracking
-Free fitness classes
-Progress tracking and workout reports over time
-Free training mode
-Data PKs (competitions) in the course
-Innovative real scene mode to immerse yourself in workouts.

When will the MERACH APP start charging?

We currently have no plans to charge for the MERACH APP, and we will notify all users in advance if this changes

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
My first rower , good for beginner

I think the rower is a good beginner machine. The app is glitchy on certain things , it will sometimes freeze up . The levels were automatically change if you are doing a class or the game but it once it changes it takes 30 seconds to a minute to change to a different level. I noticed today after only using it for less then 2 weeks that my seat was clunking , I could hear it and feel it under my glutes. Then it would go away and would be smooth but would change again. Not sure what it is or why . Other than that I am new to rowing and love it . If you take the classes , it is sometimes hard to understand what is being said , so thankfully the machine will change your resistance automatically.

Sarah D.
So far so good!

I was a bit skeptical about the quality of this machine especially given the price point. But after reading other’s reviews I decided to give it a shot. I pray I won’t have to return it for any reason because it is not only very heavy, but it is never going back in the box it came in ever. So……onward! It didn’t take me long at all to put this together. It actually took longer to free all the parts from the box, tape, styrofoam and plastic. Overall pretty simple. Maybe took a total of 20 minutes. The metal seems to be made well and the parts are decent in quality. The seat is cushioned enough, and the slides are smooth. I read a review where one complaint said that the rollers became flat on one side and made the rolling of the seat bumpy. I believe that can only be rollers that where defective from the beginning. The resistance levels are okay. I just tested a few from low to high to get a feeling of what I had to work with. This is a mid grade machine, but I would say on the higher end of mid grade. It is no gym quality air rower, but still a nicer machine for home. In a nutshell, I think this will work out well for me as I ease back into cardio on a regular basis. As of now (keeping in mind I have not actually worked out with this yet) I would consider this a great buy and a quality machine especially for the money. Got to take the naysayers with a grain of salt. I say go for it!

**Note** The Q1 requires 2AAA batteries which go behind the LEF screen. The Q1S does NOT require batteries despite the manual and the information contained here from the seller indicating that it does in order to connect to Bluetooth. For the Q1S you only need to install the Kinomap app and the Bluetooth will connect once you have submitted your information in the Kinomap app and created your account. I spent 5 hours of my life trying to figure out where batteries go because the information sent to customers is incorrect.

Thomas Kobylinski
new rower

I'm new to rowing and seeing how there are what seems to be a tremendous amount of choices i was happy to find Merach. I'm rather fit, exercise and cycle regularly but wanted to add to the routine. Very happy with my purchase. The rower is very sturdy, easy to use and with the different strength settings, easy to get in a good workout.

The app is not the greatest and the app likes to disconnect from the machine. However you can "unbind" the machine and reconnect rather easy. To me for the price, I'll deal with the app and use other mediums, apps, youtube etc.

All in all very happy with my purcahse

Sub par rower

. I bought the MERACH Q1S Smart Rower. I have had the rower and used it for around two weeks . I have had issues with the app , the first day I could not connect . I watched you tube and I did a rowing video on there instead. The second day I did connect, I did however have some glitches with some of the content . I still am unable to use the second game content, it just stops and has the circle like it’s thinking . The instructors are not always easy to understand , I do like that it will switch the resistance. My resistance is also quirky , if I change it or if the app changes it , it takes up to a minute to change at times . But it won’t always change, yesterday I was doing manual changes and I should have been at a 12 and I had a resistance of a 2. Today as well , I should have been at 8 but felt like I stayed at a 4. There are times it works fine , it just isn’t consistent. Two days ago , I started to feel and hear a clunk under my seat. It would go for a bit and then it would stop , then would start up again and stop. I felt the clunk today as well, but wasn’t being as loud as it was two days ago.

I also just finished another workout with Gabby the Hit class number 4 this morning and it only changed resistance once when it should have changed multiple times, the numbers changed but the resistance still read a 24 SPM k matter if I was at a 1 or a 16. There is something wrong with it , which doesn’t make it any fun anymore , because I know my resistance is not going to change . Sad though , because I love rowing and it doesn’t hurt my ankle. And it worked at first just stopped working this past week. . I guess you get what you pay for but this is more expensive than some cheaper ones I had looked at.

Tighe O'Meara
Very easy aseembly

Great machine, very easy assembly

Turdy and Sophisticated Q1S Auto Rower

The Q1S Smart Rower boasts a sturdy aluminum and steel frame, reinforced with carbon fiber at the head, for a sleek and modern look. Supporting up to 350 pounds, it's a reliable and durable choice for your home gym

Focus on your workout and Free your hands

MERACH GO Technology: The Q1S Electromagnetic Rower features an auto-adjusting resistance knob that automatically adjusts the resistance that follows the instructions of your rowing course coach, helping you maintain a stable rhythm and achieve optimal HIIT results. 

Keep track of your progress with the electronic monitor.

The electronic adjustment button, providing precise control over 16 levels of resistance intervals, also doubles as an electronic display screen that shows time, resistance, distance, and calories, streamlines the overall design of the rower, reducing battery usage and promoting carbon neutrality.

Connect Your Workout to Success with the Free MERACH App

Track all your workout data with Bluetooth connectivity to the free MERACH APP and Kinomap. The MERACH APP helps users of all fitness levels achieve their goals with metrics such as Speed, Distance, RPM, Calories Burned, and personalized fitness programs tailored to different levels of experience.

Get Immersed in Your Rowing Workouts

Take your rowing to the next level with MERACH APP. Scenic rowing modes transport you to a world of immersive rowing. Our trainer-led classes and choose from free, timed, and distance training modes, suitable for users of different fitness levels.

Noise-Free Exercise, Smooth and Seamless

The Q1S Rower features an ultra-quiet electromagnetic drag mechanism that eliminates noise, while its aluminum alloy double-track rails and upgraded bearings work seamlessly to further reduce noise caused by seat pulley friction. Creating a smooth and serene exercise experience.

Easy Assembly, No Extra Costs

Assembling your MERACH rowing machine is a breeze! It comes partially pre-assembled and is designed for easy maneuverability. With our user-friendly video guides, most customers can easily put it together in under 30 minutes. No need to hire a professional installer and spend extra budget! 

The Ultimate Space-Saving Rower for Home Gym Enthusiasts

The Q1S Rower is the perfect save space solution. With its built-in base wheels and upright storage kit, it's easy to move and store. The recommended space for use is 1.6*5.7 feet, while the recommended storage space is 1.6*2.1 feet. Get fit without sacrificing precious space.

Compact Home Fitness Equipment

Product Dimensions : Height Fits Up To 6' 7" Exerciser | 65L x 19.3W x 24.8H in | Seat dimensions: 9.5L x 11.5W x 2.3H in | Product weight: 56Pounds.

Rest Easy with MERACH's Warranty Program

With the MERACH Q1S rowing machine, enjoy worry-free use with our one-year manufacturer's warranty. Contact us for any quality problems. Extend your warranty up to two years for added peace of mind with our program. To be eligible for the additional 12-month warranty, register your purchase on the provided link. Choose MERACH for reliable, user-friendly, and safe products!