6 Tips to Refresh Your Workout Routine for Spring

Spring has sprung! As the winter blues fade and the days lengthen, a natural urge to embrace the season's revitalizing energy takes hold. Just like we declutter our homes and refresh our surroundings, spring is also the perfect time to freshen up the fitness routines. Whether you're into weight loss, muscle building, or staying active, here are six practical tips to refresh your workouts and blossom into a healthier, more active you this spring!

Tip 1: Embrace the Great Outdoors 

Spring is undoubtedly a perfect time to take a break from your home gym and enjoy the energizing sunshine outdoors. Take a brisk walk or a run – there's no shortage of exhilarating activities. Imagine the boost you'll get from feeling the gentle breeze on your face, spotting a playful butterfly fluttering by, or admiring a field bursting with colorful tulips. It's a sensory experience that goes way beyond the four walls of your home! 

Tip 2: Do HIIT 

Are you looking to add some intensity and burn more calories in less time? Look no further than HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training. This training technique has you alternating between bouts of intense, maximum-effort exercise cascaded with intentional recovery periods to rev your metabolism into overdrive. 

Studies have shown numerous benefits to HIIT workouts, including improved aerobic capacity, increased muscle mass, and enhanced fat loss. Plus, the time commitment is perfect for busy schedules! While incorporating HIIT several times a week can be highly effective, even three to four sessions can make a significant impact for most people. 

To help you ease into HIIT training, we suggest starting with the "Ultra Burning" courses in our MERACH app with the MERACH S26 Exercise Bike. As your capacity grows, you can incorporate equipment like boxes for jump variations. 

Tip 3: Remember to Do Recovery 

Recovery is an essential piece of the fitness puzzle, which is often overlooked but crucial for maximizing your workout results. That's to say, you can add some stretching, mobility exercises, foam rolling, and rest days into your routine. These practices allow your body to repair and rebuild, setting you up for more effective future workouts. 

If you have been hitting the home workout hard and feel like you are on a plateau, overtraining might be the culprit. Overtraining can lead to reduced workout performance, fatigue, and hindered weight loss. Here's where the recovery equipment like the MERACH S19 Exercise Bike can be a game-changer. It comes with an incredibly comfortable backrest and seat offering exceptional support, allowing you to push yourself comfortably. Plus, the built-in heart rate monitor of this bike keeps your health front and center. MERACH S19 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Tip 4: Try Yoga 

Maybe the thought of high-intensity workouts doesn't quite resonate with you. That's okay! Spring is also a fantastic time to explore the world of yoga, a great practice for flexibility and relaxation. Here's how it can benefit your spring refresh: 

● Mind-Body Connection: Yoga focuses on the connection between your mind and body, promoting mindfulness.

● Strength & Flexibility: Yoga poses can build your strength, improve flexibility, and enhance overall mobility.

● Soothing Your Mind: Not all yoga classes are fast-paced. A restorative yoga class helps you relax your mind and body through gentle stretches and mindfulness practices. 

Tip 5: Go for a "New Look" 

Sometimes, a little external change can spark a significant internal one. Consider treating yourself to a new workout outfit! It could be a whole new ensemble or simply a pair of stylish shoes. 

Here's a quick tip – running shoes and weightlifting shoes are not created equal. While cross-training shoes exist, if you're serious about weightlifting, opt for flat shoes or even go barefoot for better stability. Flat shoes allow for a strong connection with the ground during lifts. Remember, lifting shoes are a long-term investment, while running shoes typically need replacing every 6 months to a year, depending on your usage. 

Tip 6: Spring Clean Your Home Gym Equipment 

Spring cleaning isn't just for your house - your home gym equipment does! You will feel much more motivated and freshen up after cleaning them. For daily basic cleaning, all you need is a microfiber cloth and stainless-steel cleaner. You can also find detailed instructions for deep cleaning your home gym equipment via our latest blog, ensuring your workout environment is sparkling clean and ready for action. 

Share Your Thoughts

We hope these six tips inspire you to freshen up your spring workouts and help you embrace a more active fitness journey for spring. And we always love to hear you - you can also share your experiences and favorite tips in the comments below!


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