10 Fun Family Fitness Challenges for Spring

10 Fun Family Fitness Challenges for Spring

With the arrival of spring, those longer days and warmer temperatures are just begging you to get active again, right? This spring, why not make fitness a fun at-home challenge? Now is a great time to break the winter blues and trade those cozy nights in for endless family workout fun. 

We have pulled together ten easy and fun family fitness challenge ideas to help you get the ball rolling. No gyms? No worries - all you need are some simple home fitness equipment, a pair of trainers, and water bottles! Pick a challenge or combine a few for maximum cross-training impact, and commit to powering through this season of renewal. 

Before You Begin 

No matter which spring fitness challenges you choose, remember to warm up your body with stretches and gently awaken your body before getting going. Performing a few stretches before physical activity can help prevent injuries and prepare your body for exercise. 

1. Cycling Challenge

If indoor cycling is already your jam, the home cycling challenge is a nice way to get everyone's heart pumping and endorphins flowing in unison this spring. For instance, you could establish a weekly Cycle Sunday where everyone gathers to hop on their smart bikes together. 

Picture it: From the comfort of your home, the whole family, from your young daughter to your 70-year-old great-grandfather, pedaling on the bikes, feeling the exciting music, and getting motivated by being in a group. Worried about the intensity? Some can still slow down when they need to without sticking out.  

You can also take things up a notch by joining in some social media workout challenges, like MERACH's ongoing Spring Workout Challenge. Simply snap photos or video clips during your home rides and share the sweaty fun on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #merachallenge while tagging @merachfit. You might win a new under-desk bike or other surprises for your efforts!  

2. Rowing Challenge

Rowing workouts are so popular due to their aerobic intensity and full-body training. This challenge is perfect for families of all fitness levels, allowing everyone to push their limits and feel like they are conquering a spring river. 

Regardless of fitness level, everybody can compete in a distance challenge in a set time to improve their cardiovascular fitness from the comfort of home. Even those with sensitive knees or bad backs can get a great sweat without aggravating their injuries.  

For an extra layer of blooming fun, you can explore apps with interactive leaderboard challenges to see each family member's rank and distance traveled after each session, boosting your family's bond and harmony. The latest mode of the MERACH app is a good tool - the "Online Sports", which offers a super vibrant and vivid experience. Not only do the digital courses whisk you into picturesque landscapes, but you can view a continuously updating leaderboard that shows each participant's real-time placing against one another. This dynamic setup encourages everyone to give their best effort while spurring each other through a shared virtual journey. 

3. 5K Running Challenge

More or less, 5K running sounds a little bit daunting, but it's still achievable! If all of your family wanted to run but had no idea where to start, this 5K Running Challenge is for you! 

To begin, you and your family can start modestly with the MERACH T03 Treadmill by aiming for 800 miles or even less per day and gradually building up your daily speed and goals. That's an effective way to conquer a 5K run within a timeframe that works for your family. In addition, completing a 5K race together as a family is a truly rewarding achievement! 

By the end, who knows? You may all sprout enough momentum to run an in-person 5K (≈3.1 miles) event together as a victory celebration! 

4. Cardio Burn Challenge

The renewal vibes of Spring are perfect for a full-body cardio rebirth, which is nice to try this cardio burn challenge with your whole family as well - set daily calorie burn goals for each family member according to their fitness levels and utilize both cardio machines and strength training machines to achieve them.  

Each family member can track the progress after each workout session with a fitness app, like the MERACH app, or even a simple notebook. Alternatively, you can chart your members' growth through a fiery cardio program by documenting each member's daily calories, and workout durations. Seeing your progress through daily updates can boost your workout motivation and firmly stick to this healthy workout routine.  

5. 30-Day Yoga Challenge 

Regardless of age and fitness level, this 30-day yoga is a wonderfully fitting family challenge for the season. More than just enhancing flexibility and awakening often-lethargic winter muscles, a daily yoga practice brings us a serene, controlled mindset.  

For this challenge, consider doing yoga practices each day for a month with different poses or flows. Not sure of the proper form? If you or your family members are new to yoga, start gently, and you can check out the beginner-friendly tutorials on YouTube channels like Yoga with Krista I Olótita. In this way, it reduces stress, helps you find your inner Zen, becomes more present and self-aware, and feels a sense of accomplishment from sticking to this healthy, meditative practice. 

6. Plank Challenge

The plank is a simple yet powerful exercise that strengthens your core, improves your posture, and reduces back pain. It's perfect for everyone, especially those office workers who sit all day.  

Here's a family plank challenge to help you and your family grow strong like a spring tree:

● Start with a comfortable plank hold for as long as you can manage - beginners can start with forearm planks, while the more advanced ones can work up to the full planks and even add some side plank variations in.
● Each day, increase the plank hold time by 10 seconds.
● Cheer each other on and watch as your collective core power soars!

● Power through the 30 days of consistent effort and see how much you can supercharge your core strength! 

7. 7-Minute Daily Core Challenge

Building core strength is crucial for overall fitness, improving balance, and preventing common injuries like lower back pain. This core routine from Today only takes 7 minutes but provides a total core-shredding workout. 

The genius of this challenge is that it combines core-focused exercises with short walking breaks, making it a perfect indoor option for those with limited space at home. You'll power through sets of moves like glute bridges, wall squats, and bicycle abs. Then use the walking breaks to recover and transition to another core series.  

This bite-sized workout is easy to fit into any family's schedule. Set aside 7 minutes each day to take on the challenge together before work, after school, or anytime you need a quick sweat sesh. You'd be amazed at how much stronger your entire core unit will feel after just one month! 

8. 10-Minute Sweat Challenge

Hard to squeeze time to exercise? This 10-minute sweating family challenge is a great option to enhance your fitness without taking too much of your day!  

Here's a sample 10-minute challenge from SELF. You can turn it into a fun family competition: who can complete the most total reps in 10 minutes? With more members participating, you can also cheer each other on and swap out exercises to keep things engaging. 

All you need is a mat and a water bottle. Once you’re ready, just follow along with the steps below. Or, if you want to work at your own pace, check out here for detailed workout directions and GIFs of each move.  

Set a timer for 10 minutes, then rotate through this high-intensity cardio burst, flowing without rest: 

Dynamic Warm-Up

Squat to Overhead Reach x 50 seconds

Modified Jumping Jack x 50 seconds 


Extender (right side) x 40 seconds

Toe Tap with Reach x 40 seconds
Extender (left side) x 40 seconds
Lateral Lunge to Twist (left side) x 30 seconds
Toe Tap x 15 seconds
Toe Tap with Squat x 25 seconds
Lateral Lunge to Twist (right side) x 30 seconds
Lateral Lunge to Twist (left side) x 20 seconds
Toe Tap x 20 seconds
Toe Tap with Squat x 10 seconds

Lateral Lunge to Twist (right side) x 30 seconds 


Ice Skater x 60 seconds 

9. 15-Minute Active Aging Challenge 

You've probably heard the expression, "Move it or lose it," and it's true. Nothing will speed up the aging process quite like inactivity. This challenge is perfect for senior couples, those with limited mobility, older adults, or families with the elderly. 

This home workout program does not require equipment; Simply set aside 15 minutes per day to move through a series of low-impact exercises like seated leg raises, arm circles, wall pushups, and gentle walking in place. You can encourage the senior couples in your family to do this challenge together at home and motivate each other. Not only will it improve mobility and strength, but it's also a wonderful way to spend quality time being active as a twosome.  

10. 30-Day Abs Challenge

Toned, strong abs are a goal for most fitness fans, and there's no need to hit the gym to achieve a solid core. This 30-day abs challenge from Shape proves you can sculpt impressive abdominal muscles right from home. 

Let your family take on this ab challenge together. Having an accountability partner makes it easier to stick to the program, plus you can encourage and motivate each other through the more intense days. Kids can join in too by modifying certain exercises or lowering reps.  

Each day, you and your family can follow a different abs routine that combines moves like Russian twists, mountain climbers, and hollow body holds to hit every angle of your core. The workouts gradually increase in intensity as you progress through the month. After 30 days, the whole family will be rocking sleek, strong midsections! 

Each day follows a different abs routine that combines moves like Russian twists, mountain climbers, and hollow body holds to hit every angle of your core. The workouts gradually increase in intensity as you progress through the month. 

Share Your Thoughts 

We hope these ten home family challenge ideas can help you reclaim your passion for at-home workouts with you and your family! You can also share your great tips in the comments and let us know what you think.

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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