Resistance Wood Rower
Resistance Wood Rower
Resistance Wood Rower

950 Dual resistance Wood Rower

$1,199.00 USD $799.99 USD
  •  Dual resistance system.
  •  Auto-resistance, The Rowing Machine automatically adjusts its resistance to match instructor callouts.
  •  Free MERACH Membership Included.
  •  Foldable Design, Save home Space.
  •  Ergonomics Rower Design, the double-track row machine achieves smooth and stable sliding.
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Eligible for 30-Day Money Back.

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Eligible for 2 Years Warranty.

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Hear It From the Experienced Fitness Exercisers' Experiences


''With one of the coolest rowing machines'', ''With water resistance, this is a fantastic workout.'', ''It can auto-adjust.''


Check out the amazing videos that Melspirations work out using our 950 Rowing machine.
Dual resistance system
The Aqua-Mag Cruise Rower uses the magnetic and water resistance system, This Composite resistance makes you enjoy the soothing water sound and also brings 16 levels of electromagnetic drag experience

「MERACH GO」 Auto adjust the resistance

The 「MERACH GO」 combines resistance control and data display in one, automatically adjusting the speed, incline, or resistance of your machine when you are in a MERACH Fitness app class. It displays your paddle frequency, exercise duration, and calories burned in real-time, enhancing your workout experience.

Durable and NEW Foldable Design, The First Choice for Your Best Home Gym

Foldable Design, Save home Space

The MERACH 950 rower has a drawer-style push-pull folding structure that makes it easy to store. The foldable design is less prone to damage and allows the wood Rowing machine to be stored vertically against the wall.

Leak-Proof Water Tank with Midbass Sound and More Resistance

The Aqua-Mag Cruise Rower uses the magnetic andwater resistance system, This Composite resistancemakes you enjoy the soothing water sound and aisobrings 16 levels of electromagnetic drag experience

Double-track, Smooth track

Row machine achieves smooth, stable sliding, keep a good rhythm in the workout, the unique design supports max 350lbs weight capacity

Attention to Every Detail
To ensure comfortable and convenient Rowing exercise
Enjoy a free subscription to the MERACH APP
Explore how the MERACH APP elevates your fitness routine with seven diverse workout modes: Gaming Row, Scenic Row, On-demand Classes, Ultra Burning, Free Training, Target Training, and Timed Training. It's all about adding more fun, enjoyment, motivation, and achievements to your fitness journey.
Tech Specs
Resistance Mechanism
Water and Magnetic Resistance
Bluetooth Functionality
Supported Apps
MERACH, Kinomap
Upright Storage
Supported Apps
MERACH, Kinomap
Item Dimensions
78.74" D x19.69" W x19.69" H
Package Weight
85.18 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation
350 Pounds
0ak Wood, ABS
Display Type
Fits User Height
Below 6' 7″
Tension Level
Power Source
Corded Electric
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H
50.36 x 20.44x 20.04 inches
950 Dual resistance Wood Rower
$699.99 USD
R14 Water Rower
$499.99 USD
R06 Water Magnetic Rower
$439.99 USD
Resistance Mechanism
Water and Magnetic Resistance
Water Resistance
Water and Magnetic Resistance
Supported Apps
Resistance Adjustment
Electronic 16 Levels
Electronic 16 Levels
Automatic Resistance Adjustment
Weight Capacity
350 Ibs
330 Ibs
350 Ibs
Recommended User Height
6' 7"
6' 7"
6' 7"
Frame Material
Oak Wood. ABS
Solid wood
ABS, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Reason for Choosing
Drawer-style folding.wooden texture, unique design
Unique design, Premium Hardwood,12-propeller blades design,Safety and Smoothness
Better cost-effectivenes

Cherry wood has a reddish-brown color and a smooth, uniform grain patern. lt is a liohter wood compared to oak and is often chosen forits warm and inviting appearance. making it a popular choice for furniture and decorative items.

in contrast oak wood has a ioht tan to medium brown color and a distinctive grain patern that ranaes from straioht to wav. tis denser and harder than cherry wood. Oak is also known for its resistance to moisture and decay.

Dual Resistance System

The Aqua-Mag Cruise Rower uses the maanetic and water resistance system, This Composite resistance makes you enjoy the soothing water sound and also brings 16 levels of electromagnetic drag experience

"MERACHGO"Auto adjust the Resistance

The "MERACHGO"Let Resistance Control and Data Disolay in oneAutomatlcally adust the speed,incline, r esistance of your machine When you are ln MERACH fitness APP Class.display your paddle frequency, exercise duration, and calories burned in real-time in "MERACHGO" and APP

Free Merach Membership Included

Under free ride mode the MERACHAPP confidenty guides your ftness with a variety of personal trainers leadin the way, that can take your suner fat burnint

Aviation-grade Polycarbonate Water Tank

With a diameter. steady pertormance and durabilty the polycarbonate avation materials has the characteistics of hioh lioh transmission, more impactresistancecorrosion resistance, and hich temperature resistance

Gorgeous natural wood look

The MERACH is handcrafted with hioh-standard oualty oak wood and the ercelent material absorbed sound and vibration enhancina the machine's operation and making it smoother and quieter.

Foldable Design, Save home Space

The drawer-style folding design reduces volume by 45%, for easy storage, The 950 Rower has a drawer-style push pul folding structure that makes it easy to store. The foldable design is less prone to damage and allows the wood Rowing machine to be stored vetically against the wal, Save your home place

Double-track, Smooth track

Row machine achieves smooth, stable slidin, keep a good rhythm in the workout, the unigue desion supports max 350lbs weicht capacity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Ethan Sullivan

I've used the MERACH Rower for about a month when MERACH invited me to review it.

The package arrived 8 days after I ordered it. Despite slight damage to the edges, MERACH assured me of a full refund for any equipment issues. However, upon unpacking, I found the equipment in perfect condition. Assembly was quick; most components were pre-assembled. With their YouTube video, setup took only 15 minutes.

I really like this rowing machine; it has a solid wood feel, excellent tactile sensation, and soothing rowing sound. The folding design is a great feature for me. The drawer-style fold is convenient; my wife can easily use it too.

The MERACH rower also offers electromagnetic resistance, with 1-16 levels of resistance. However, it only serves as auxiliary resistance. When I set it to level 16, I can clearly feel the magnetic resistance kicking in. It increases the resistance threshold, whereas the resistance during the first half of rowing with pure water is relatively low.

After trying out the MERACH app, I'm impressed by the data recording and virtual reality modes. However, the MERACH app still has a long way to go. Nonetheless, I don't have to pay any subscription fees, which reduces my exercise costs.

I've used a Water rower at a friend's house, and it's excellent. But when I saw the MERACH rower for $699 with a 30-day home trial, I wanted to compare them. After using it, the MERACH Rower really left a deep impression on me while also saving me money.

I'm uncertain about its durability under intense rowing, but it seems sturdy so far. I recommend it.

Jackson Thompson
I like the hardwood quality.

MERACH swiftly handled my order within a day, and the delivery process took approximately five days. Upon receiving the package, I was pleased to find that the packaging remained intact. After carefully unpacking and inspecting the contents, I encountered no issues with the product.

During my usage, I encountered some water spillage while rowing. It later dawned on me that this was due to overfilling the water tank beyond the designated level and not securely sealing the tank lid. Promptly, I reached out to their customer service, receiving a response within a day.

The tactile sensation of the solid hardwood surpassed my expectations, aligning perfectly with my preferences. Considering the features provided, the pricing is notably fair. I am inclined to recommend it. The reason I can only give it four stars is because there is no phone customer service. Email inquiries can be inefficient, especially for complex issues. However, they assured me that they plan to add this service in the future.

Lily Rodriguez

I discovered MERACH's rowing machine through a Facebook advertisement. Initially, I had been contemplating purchasing a wooden rowing machine and had intended to buy the WaterRower S4. However, the absence of a folding feature in their rowing machines made me hesitant.

Subsequently, when I encountered an advertisement for the MERACH Rower. Intrigued, I proceeded to place an order for one, and I was thoroughly impressed by the simplicity of its folding mechanism - just open the latch, extend the rail, and securely lock it in place.

This rowing machine perfectly complements my home decor. After using it for 30 days without encountering any issues, I decided to keep it. Moreover, MERACH also generously gifted me a 9D mini massager. Overall, it was a good shopping experience.

Maya Johnson
Good quality

As someone new to using rowing machines, I didn't have much knowledge about them. It was only after learning that rowing machines offer low-impact aerobic exercise that I decided to purchase one. However, the prices and features of models exceeding $1000 or $2000 were beyond my budget. After exploring various brands, I was impressed by both the price and features of MERACH's Rower. Upon trying it, I found the quality to be excellent, meeting my expectations. The MERACH app proved to be user-friendly and didn't require any additional subscription fees. While it offered many features, I noticed some shortcomings in content, such as limited outdoor rowing scenarios. Initially, there were discrepancies in data collection between the app and my fitness tracker. However, after reaching out to customer service, they promptly updated the app to resolve the issue.

Jonathan Ramirez

I'm genuinely impressed with this rower. The wood and other components are of high quality, and my 30-minute session was smooth, quiet, and easy to manage. One thing to note is that the wheels primarily aid in folding and unfolding the machine; you can't roll it between rooms.