The 5 Amazing Benefits of Riding Exercise Bike at Home

The 5 Amazing Benefits of Riding Exercise Bike at Home

Today, let's talk about why it's important to ride an exercise bike and why you should do it at home

Training in your home gym has been around for a while, but events like the COVID-19 pandemic have speed up the process and made it much more popular and trendy.

According to the ACSM's Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2022 Survey, wearable technology and home exercise gyms are the two hottest trends in fitness, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise to the most of us as the comfort and convenience of working out at home are agreeably quite unbeatable. You can schedule your own workouts – whenever you want and as long as you see fit.

Here are some of the benefits of a home gym:

  1. More time to be with your family
  2. Improved self-discipline
  3. It's safer
  4. Time saver
  5. Money saver
  6. Privacy benifits
  7. Your whole family can join in
  8. Actually using the gym!
  9. Costumizeexercise environment

However, we all know that building a home gym is not an easy endeavor.

We have to consider many factors, such as noise, size, price, motion effect, quality, design, etc.

When building a home gym, whether you’re a beginner or someone who has plenty of experience with exercising, we recommend that you get a Silent Magnetic Resistance exercise bike as your first piece of equipment for your home gym. After all, exercise bikes are the best choice for aerobic exercise.

And we all know, that the aerobic exercise is suitable for almost everyone with quite a few health benefits:

  • Increase your stamina, fitness, and strength
  • Ward off viral illnesses
  • Reduce your health risks
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Keep your arteries clear
  • Boost your mood

All these benefits are one of the reasons why we recommend the exercise bike as the first piece of equipment for your home gym.

Here’s 5 additional benefits of having an exercise bike in your home gym:

  1.  Strengthens legs and the lower body muscles
  2.  Gentle on Your Joints
  3.  Improves posture
  4.  Burns calories
  5.  Saves up space at home

Strengthens Legs and the Lower Body Muscles

Exercising on a stationary bike is perfect for toning your legs, thighs, and buttocks. It can also work the muscles in your core, and glutes.

When you increase the resistance of your exercise bike, you are adding to the intensity of your workout. A low resistance level is good for warming up and for improving endurance.


Gentle on Your Joints

The exercise bike is a low-impact workout that allows you to work out without putting a lot of pressure on joints and muscles. This makes it the perfect workout for when you're recovering from injury or have an injury that prevents you from participating in impact-bearing sports.


Improved Posture

Cycling is an excellent way to improve your posture, as long as you practice good form, meaning sitting tall with a neutral spine and pulling your shoulders down and back while keeping them relaxed

The physical motion of grasping the handlebars and pedaling keeps your full body engaged which helps strengthen your lower back muscles.


Burns Calories

You can easily spend 30 minutes or more on HIIT workout with cycling, which not only will burn more calories, but also make you feel great!

A 150-pound person biking for half an hour with “light effort” burns about 170 calories. The calorie burn for “moderate effort” rises to 239 calories.

Refer to the NutriStrategy website for a detailed breakdown:

Activity, Exercise or Sport (1 hour)

130 lb

155 lb

180 lb

205 lb

Stationary cycling, very light





Stationary cycling, light





Stationary cycling, moderate





Stationary cycling, vigorous





Stationary cycling, very vigorous





Saves Up Space at Home

For the safety measures exercise bikes need a separate room, MERACH bikes are pretty compact in size though:

TT Bike: 43.2 x 21.7 x 41.7 inches

CC Bike: 46.46 x 21.5 x 50.07 inches

They can fit pretty much anywhere you’d like.

Please, note that TT and CC bikes are fit for 4'9" to 6'3" Exerciser. They have a 2-way adjustable handlebar (height for TT: 41.7-46.1in; height for CC: 44.8- 48.6in) and a 4-way adjustable padded seat (height 32.5-41.9in).

To sum it up, cycling at home is a good choice for those who want to exercise at home. Regularly riding on your exercise bike can help you stay in shape and improve your health, as well as lift your mood.

The health benefits of the exercise bike at home are indeed truly amazing!

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