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Nano Massage Gun

1537 Nano Massage Gun

$19.99 USD$59.99 USD
Resistance Wood Rower

950 Dual resistance Wood Rower

$699.99 USD$1,199.00 USD
9D Mini Massage Gun

9D Mini Massage Gun

$69.99 USD$79.99 USD
CC Exercise Bike

CC All-Rounded Exercise Bike

$289.99 USD$369.99 USD
High Quality Elliptical Machine

E07 Elliptical Machine

$299.99 USD$329.99 USD
Adjustable Elliptical Machine

E12 High-end Elliptical Machine

$799.99 USD$1,099.00 USD
Mini Elliptical Machine

E25 Under Desk Mini Elliptical Machine

$149.99 USD$199.99 USD
Fitness Equipment Accessories

MERACH fitness equipment accessories

$1.00 USD$30.00 USD
Stylish Gift Card

MERACH Gift card

$10.00 USD$250.00 USD
Q1S Auto Electromagnetic Smart Rower

Q1S Auto Electromagnetic Smart Rower

$339.99 USD$379.99 USD
Q1S Rowing Plastic Cover

Q1S Cover

$29.00 USD
Manual Resistance Rower Machine

Q1S Manual Resistance Rower

$299.99 USD$329.99 USD
Dual Resistance Rower Machine

Q5 Dual Resistance Rower

$649.99 USD$699.99 USD
R06 Magnetic Rower Machine

R06 Water Magnetic Rower

$489.00 USD$559.99 USD
R07 Squat Assist Trainer

R07 Squat Assist Trainer

$139.99 USD$199.99 USD
Hardwood Rowing Machine

R14 Water Rowing Machine

$699.99 USD$710.99 USD
Mini Under Desk Bike

S04 Mini Under Desk Bike

$149.99 USD$159.99 USD
S08 Recumbent Exercise Bike

S08 Recumbent Exercise Bike

$269.99 USD$289.99 USD
S09 Auto Resistance Bike

S09 Auto Resistance Bike

$499.99 USD$599.99 USD
S14 Folding Upright Bike

S14 Folding Upright Bike

$149.99 USD$199.99 USD
S15 Upright Bike

S15 Upright Bike

$199.99 USD$269.99 USD
Recumbent Exercise Bike

S19 Recumbent Exercise Bike

$489.99 USD$599.99 USD
T05 Smart Walking Treadmill

T05 Smart Walking Treadmill

$359.99 USD$399.99 USD
"The Merach Q5 is powered by both water and 16 levels of magnetic resistance. This makes for a unique feel that’s different from almost any other rower but still provides the same effective, full-body workout. "
Hear It From the Experienced Fitness Exercisers' Experiences

Janine Delaney

I am a big fan of the ultra-quiet magnetic resistance so I don’t bother anyone else in my home while training & love that it is easy to move and space saving, It’s also super smooth and when you download the MERACH app you have a wealth of free courses & personalized training equipment right at your fingers tips


Check out the amazing videos that Melspirations work out using our 950 Rowing machine.


The new MERACH S09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike is a compact, budget-friendly stationary bike that's great for anyone. It features rock solid build quality, Bluetooth connectivity, 16 levels of resistance, auto-adjusting resistance and a community based MERACH app with free fitness classes. Here's my review of the S09! Please subscribe and LIKE this video, it really helps out the channel!


What is 30 Day Home Trial?

If you are a first-time Merach equipment purchaser, You can returN it for a full refund within 30 days of delivery, without any return fees,f you wish to return your order, you must return it in like-new condition and will receive a full refund.


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