9D Mini Massage Gun

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Great for 70yr old leg issues

I got this at the recommendation of my orthopedic doctor for my leg cramps and tendonitis. It is compact (pic for size compared to iPhone 13). I use to get physical therapy and this is close to the ultrasound at PT. Battery charges quickly and holds a charge for multiple uses.

T. Johnson
So handy

The speed of this massage gun is perfect. Another massage gun I had, if you ease up even a little on the tension, it loses its effectiveness and you have to keep applying pressure. Which sucks because if I'm tired from a run, I don't have the strength to keep constant pressure to keep my massage gun working at my desired effectiveness.

But this massage gun keeps a steady, high pulsation which is perfect.

Elaine Ord

I bought this small hand massage gun based on its reviews. It is a powerful machine, quiet and easy to hold in my small hands. I have multiple sclerosis and by using this massage gun regularly it helps with my neuropathy and muscle cramps. Highly recommend it is extremely well made comes with many attachments in a lovely carrying case

Easy to Handle!

I was hesitant at first in getting this smaller version since I already have the bigger size...But it did not disappoint. I found this unit easy to handle and not so heavy as my bigger massage gun and it still gives you the power to get the job done! I leave this unit at work so when I need it for those days when my shoulders are stressed and my legs are tired. I will buy again.

Kristen Wagasky
Sending it back!

First off, the battery life is nowhere near what is advertised! If I was lucky I could push it to an hour of use before it would die. If I used any kind of pressure it would barely make it to 30 minutes!