Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine

E25 Under Desk Mini Elliptical Machine

$199.99 USD $149.99 USD
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  • Infinite Magnetic Resistance: Elevate your fitness journey with our mini elliptical extraordinary infinite magnetic resistance, surpassing any 8-level systems available in the market. Unleash a workout experience like no other, where your limits are redefined, and your progress knows no bounds.
  • Silent Serenity: Dive into your workouts with the peace of mind that our advanced magnetic resistance and ultra-smooth wheels bring. Experience tranquility, where every exercise session becomes a soothing, unintrusive journey. Your fitness oasis awaits, where silence is your companion in progress.
  • Anti-Slip Innovation: Elevate your workouts with our unbeatable anti-slip design. Our extra-large silicone surface and textured pedals ensure unwavering stability. Step on with confidence, stay focused, and conquer your fitness goals one stride at a time.
  • Knee Protection: Experience a fitness journey that's not just about exercise but also about embracing a new level of well-being. Our elliptical trajectory design is your knee's best friend, safeguarding your joints while unleashing the potential for robust cardiovascular health and muscle mastery. It's the ultimate fitness equalizer, where everyone, from spirited seniors to dedicated office warriors and resilient rehab warriors, finds their path to vitality.
  • Streamlined Progress Tracking: Dive into your fitness journey effortlessly with our built-in LCD screen and the MERACH App. It's your personal data hub, capturing essential metrics like speed, distance, and time. Stay in the know and watch your progress unfold, because every step forward is a step closer to your goals.
  • Portable Powerhouse: Don't let its small size fool you. This compact wonder, with its ergonomic handles, is your fitness powerhouse on the go. It fits effortlessly in any home or office, ready to transform your space into a temple of wellness.
  • Almost Ready to Roll: Embrace the ease of getting started with our under-desk elliptical. It arrives 98% pre-assembled, asking only for your final touch - attaching the pedals. Your fitness journey is just a step away from becoming a reality, hassle-free and full of promise.
  • Your Journey, Our Promise: We're not merely providing a product; we're delivering a commitment to your well-being. With a one-year quality warranty and a dedicated support team, we stand by your side, ensuring you receive a reliable and fulfilling solution. Your satisfaction fuels our passion. And as you embark on this journey, remember, every step taken while seated brings you closer to your aspirations, one stride at a time.
  • Product Dimensions: 21.02L x 18.90W x 11.42H in | Product Weight: 20.94 Pounds | Pedal Dimensions: 14.37L x 5.75W x 1.81H in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Worth it for the price

Processing and shipping take quite some time, so do not purchase this expecting to receive it in a few days.
Package arrived in perfect condition with no visible damage or contents shifting. Assembly was pretty easy as it was only four bolts and the tool needed for tightening them is included. It was a bit tough getting to them, but it is doable.
Machine is quiet for the most part. Only makes a slight bit of noise as the wheels slide across with each movement, but is not loud enough to hear unless you are in a completely quiet space.
This is no small piece of equipment, so recommend checking the size of the space you are looking to use it in, especially if you are buying this for under a desk.
It has a bit of weight to it, so you are not going to be regularly lugging it around everywhere, but is still light enough to be moved if need be.
I didn't notice much of a difference when adjusting the tension, but I am a daily treadmill runner, so that might be why.
Had one instance where the pedometer had frozen, but removing the batteries and replacing them fixed the issue.
The pedometer tracker does not record and hold on to your numbers, so if you are keeping track of calorie burn or distance, you will need to remember to write down your progress each time you need to stop for any length of time, which is a bit frustrating as the numbers are not displayed very bright, and I have to get on the floor to view them. It would be really nice if the included app would track and record your progress.
The app itself is pretty much useless as it only connects to other gym equipment made by this company.
Overall, for the money, this is a solid little machine that can keep your legs moving while getting hours of work done at a desk with little interference. The extra calorie burn is definitely an added bonus.
There is an additional 12-month warranty that can be registered for online within 14 days of purchasing at no extra cost.
Would recommend for anyone looking to purchase one of these machines without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Zondi Ann
Gives a good work out

Used to help build up muscle in legs after extended bed rest.

Diana B
Excellent product!

I was reluctant to buy, because there were no reviews yet, but thought I’d give them a chance. So glad I did! I bought this for my husband as recommended for therapy to aid in recovery from knee injury. Top quality, quiet and smooth cycling. It is heavy duty and does not slide on the floor floor or carpet, as other brands reviews stated. I definitely recommend this!

Good Quality, Absolutely Silent

This required some assembly, but the instructions were crystal clear, and all the necessary tools came in the box. All the materials used seem to be of good quality and have even been sturdy enough to hold up to my kids playing with it (sigh).

The screen is easy to read. The various functions are pretty straightforward and simple to toggle through, as is adjusting the difficulty level. The size is perfect for sliding under a desk. But the coolest part of this machine is that it's absolutely silent. It wouldn't interrupt a video or phone call, and unless you were actually watching my legs moving, you probably wouldn't know I was pedaling. It's just that quiet.

Definitely a good option for those who want to get some exercise at their desks without a noise interruption.

Candace Mike N Elmo
Works like it should

My wife recently had a hip replacement so this was recommended by her physical therapist to keep her legs active when watching TV or working at her desk.

So far it is working very well. She can use it in a traditional chair. Or even on her couch if she put a couple pillows behind her back to move her up forward.

It has eight settings for difficulty. Do you use a click wheel to adjust. It also has a small screen to keep track of your time and distance and things like that. It does come with an app that claims to connect to the Pike but I haven't gotten that figured out. And after 180 days they want to charge you to use the app. I do not believe the app is necessary at all especially for what she's doing.

Assembly was pretty easy the book that comes with it has very good directions. There's a QR code to bring you to a video of the assembly, but this model is not listed.

The only problem is the straps to hold your feet in. They are the kind of useless. It is extremely difficult to get them clipped in place and they do not stay. Luckily my wife had no use for them so I just took them off. But if you're very serious about using this bike, you would want to be able to pull up along with pressing down, so keep that in mind.

So far this is working out great for my wife and if you needed a bike for under your desk to keep you active during the day I think this would work out really well for you.